Hilltop Hot Springs (Pulky's Pool) - Hot Springs in the U.S.


As the name suggests, this hot spring is located on a hill.

Due to its location, it has an outstanding spectacle compared to other hot tubs in the area.

It's OK if the Gate is Closed

The three famous springs in Long Valley Caldera, Shepherd, Crab Cooker, and Hilltop Hot Springs, are located in close proximity to the shores of Little Alkalai Lake.

However, there is no good road that connects them in a straight line.

If you are visiting by car, you will reach them from different directions via different dirt roads.

Gate 1

Hilltop has the shortest dirt road from the paved road to the parking lot.

Especially on that day, due to snowfall the gate was closed at the intersection with Benton Crossing Road.

Gate 2

In that case, it was a hike for 0.6 miles one way to the hot spring.

If the gates are open, you only have to walk half that distance; and it is still the longest walk needed in the hot springs in this area.

Winter 3

It was not as nice as the one with nearby Wild Willy's, but there was a boardwalk for walking through wetlands.


Once I got to the top of the gentle hill, that was the destination.

Hilltop 1

360-degree Spectacle

There was single six-person tub made of rocks and cement, surrounded by artificial grass.

That was what Hilltop was all about.

rock walled pool 1

If there was anything else, it was the 360-degree panoramic view from the top of hill.

All of the hot springs in the caldera have great views, but Hilltop's spectacle is outstanding.

Winter 1

The water pipes installed by volunteers was thick enough and split into two.

rock walled pool 2

Due to such structure, the amount of water distributed to the tub was perfect.

Winter 2

One was directly connected to a hot pool in the immediate vicinity, while the other draw water from a distant location.

Source of the Springs 1

I couldn't get any closer because the ground was too fragile.

Source of the Springs 2

How dare they installed the magnificent structures in such a place for free?

Why hasn't it been removed?
It's culture, not removable.

rock walled pool 3

When I turned the valve, the water flew, and was hot at 131 degrees F.

It was slightly yellowish, transparent, odorless and tasteless.

Water Temperature

The custom here was closing optional.



Hilltop Hot Springs (Pulky's Pool), Mammoth Lakes, California, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water temp
    Up to 131 degrees F

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