Shepherd Hot Springs - Hot Springs in California


A tub of the strangest shape in the world.

In the breathtaking scenery of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Divine Sources

Of the always crowded wild hot springs in the Long Valley Caldera, Shepherd Hot Springs is relatively empty.

Road 01

Go north on Whitmore Tubs Road and enter the side road on the right.

Despite being a dirt road, the road condition was not too bad.

Parking Lot 01

I arrived at a large parking lot in a loop.

The tub was located just behind the rocks for the car stop, but let's observe the source first.

Source 02

Several sources were scattered in the hills to the south of the tub.

From here, it is a 0.4-mile hike to Club Cooker Hot Springs.

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Water Temp 02

The water temp was 142 degrees F.

The geothermal area was muddy and soaking here seemed difficult.

Source 03
How divine.
Just looking at it makes me happy.

Curiously Shaped Tub

Now, go beyond the car stop.

Parking Lot 02

360° caldera landscape.

Panorama 01

What is the motif of the shape of this rock tub?

Is it the shape of Texas?

Yellowish Water 01

Hot water was drawn from the source through an underground pipe, and the snow had melted only along its flow path.

Water Outlet 02

The entire tub was covered in moss and appeared dark green.

Water Temp 01

The temperature at the water outlet was 109 degrees F.

The water was almost tasteless and odorless.

During its passage through the pipe, the water was moderately cooled.

Tub 03

The flow was freely adjustable with a valve.

Water Flow 01

The overflowing hot water runs through the curve and into the grass.

Tub 04

There was a spectacular mountain range at eye level.

Water Outlet 01


Shepherd Hot Springs, Mammoth Lakes, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 142 degrees F

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