Sagewater Hotel + Mineral Springs (Desert Hot Springs) - Hot Springs in California

Adult retreat in Desert Hot Springs.

The simple, mid-century-style space was impressive.


Desert Hot Springs, California also features many cozy hot springs inns.

Parking Lot 02

Sage water is a classic example.

Parking Lot 01

This inn, hidden in the wilderness of the hills, originated from the Mona Lisa Motel, established in 1954.

The Past of Desert Hot Springs

It has not changed significantly compared to the photos taken at that time.

Deserted 01

It was called a Spa-Tel and was a combination of a hot spring and a motel.

Entrance 01

Total of 8 rooms, admission is limited to 21 years and older.

Pools 02

After passing through the turquoise entranceway, I was in the pool area.

For a long time, it was difficult for me to use the hotel unless I stayed at least two nights, but the policy seems to have changed after COVID and it is now possible to make a reservation from one night.

Kitchen 02

The rooms had been renovated, and colorful Eames chairs and other furnishings created a mid-century atmosphere.

Kitchen 01

Each room was equipped with a sink, stove, and refrigerator for long-term stays.

Shower Room 01

The windows facing the poolside dared to be placed on the lower half of the wall, which was done with good taste.

Guest Room 01

Desert View

Soaking is only available in the courtyard pool area, and clothing is required.

Courtyard 03

There was a BBQ grill and party space by the Desert View pools at your disposal.

Courtyard 02

The rectangular pool was divided into two, one large and one small, and the thermal water was poured into the smaller one and flowed out into the larger one.

Courtyard 01

The water temp of the smaller pool was 100 degrees F, although the source water that springs on the premises is 165 degrees F.

Romantic sunset...
Feels like California.
Pools 01

The water outlet was at the bottom of the pool, and the spring water, which had already been watered and the temperature lowered, was put in.

Water Temp 01

The smell of chemicals, while not strong, was bothersome to me.

Hot Pool 01

With the pure water of Desert Hot Springs, chlorination was even more disappointing.

Sagewater Hotel + Mineral Springs, Desert Hot Springs, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Yes

Water temp: Up to 154 degrees F

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