Two Bunch Palms (Desert Hot Springs) - Hot Springs in California

One of the most historic hot springs hotels in Desert Hot Springs.

It is also known for the rumors surrounding the legendary gangster Al Capone.


Renovations have been made, and some of the appearance differs from the current one.

Believe It or Not

The first white settlers are said to have appeared in Desert Hot Springs, California, around 1908.

Gate 01

The land adjacent to the current Two Bunch Palms was first homesteaded around a hill called Miracle Hill.

Gate 02

It was named "Miracle" because hot and cold mineral springs were gushing out of the ground at the foot of the hill.

Oasis 01

Although there are some indications that this is not based on historical facts, it is rumored that Two Bunch Palms began in 1923 when Al Capone built a base for his activities on the West Coast.

Casa Blanca 01

One of the guest rooms is named after Capone, and it is said to have what are believed to be bullet holes from that time.

Suite 01

Believe it or not, it sparks the imagination.

He that believeth shall be saved.
Suite 02

Open to the public as a hotel since 1940, Two Bunch Palms has been sold several times and even defaulted on its debt in 2010.

Labyrinth 01

At this time, the last change of ownership was in 2015, and the property is managed by Erica Chang, a Japanese-American.

Labyrinth 02

The vast site had water and greenery that one would not expect to find in a desert, and numerous ducks, turtles, and other creatures could be seen.

Duck Pond 01

It had a resort-like atmosphere that set it apart from the surrounding hotels.

Incidentally, only adults over 18 years old are allowed to stay at this hotel.

Grotto and Tubs

Foot Bath 02

The higher-grade cabins have geothermal water, but all others will use communal pools.

Promenade 01

Hot water was flowing in the waterway around the pools and was maintained for footbaths.

Pools 01

I was able to catch a glimpse of the abundance of water.

The Grotto 03

The Grotto was the centerpiece of the facility, a huge pool divided into two organically shaped pools, one large and one small.

The Grotto 02

The water temp was lukewarm, and the smell of chemicals was an unfortunate discovery to me.

The Grotto 01

What I liked was the group of tubs that were practically available for private use.

Soaking Tub 02

The wooden or concrete tubs had valves that could be freely operated to pour the thermal water.

Soaking Tub 01

The water temp was hot enough and no unpleasant odor was detected.

Rectangle Pool 01

Two Bunch Palms will remain a special place that cannot be left out of the Desert Hot Springs story.

Round Pool 02


Two Bunch Palms, Desert Hot Springs, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required, Room with thermal room

Chemical use: Yes

Water temp: Up to 154 degrees F

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