Grande Hot Springs RV Resort - Hot Springs in Oregon


It is an RV park on the shores of Hot Lake, known for its hot springs that gush out from the bottom of the lake.

You need to stay in a yurt to realize the true value of this facility.

Newly renovated

It is located along I- 84, halfway between Seattle or Portland and Boise.


In the eastern edge of Oregon, there might be few tourist attractions.

However for hot spring fans, Hot Lake is the special place.

Hot Lake

The pond full of reeds is it.

A hot spring of 208 degrees F gushes from the bottom of the lake.

The lakeside area has flourished as a recreational area since the 1800s.

Office 1

The RV park faces this pond.

Office 2

This relatively new facility opened in 1988; and  the owners took over in 2013.

It had a major renovation.

Now it is owned by a couple of hot spring enthusiasts who met at Bagby Hot Springs.

Reference:Bagby Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Oregon

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Everything looked new.

The rest rooms were so clean that I'd think I could sleep there.


Behind the office building, there was an outdoor pool that used mineral spring water.

Outdoor Pool 2

In the middle of the beautifully lawn, there were two pools; one large and one small.

The hot water usage was not so interesting, although I did not felt chlorination.

Outdoor Pool 1

I guess they add a lot of water to the thermal water.

Book the Yurt via Airbnb

There are various accommodation options from hookups to Airstreams (a rental RV car), but I recommend yurts.

A yurt is a historical mobile home of nomads.


Reservations can be made via Airbnb.

The key was stored in lockboxes in the office building; no check-in was required.

Yurt Exterior

There were two yurts.

Yurt Interior 1

Isn't it exciting?

Inside the air-conditioned tent, there was a single bunk bed.

Yurt Interior 2

A refrigerator was included as well for the comfort.


As I passed through the yurt, I found a private patio.

Wooden Tub 1

There it is!

A large barrel bath.

You can't be too careful on Airbnb, because there are some good ones like this mixed in.

Hot Water

hot water that pours out of the spring was 153 degrees F.

I liked the slightly burnt volcanic odor.

Soaking 1

I took a walk around the ark before dinner.


It said that the Water temp in this ditch was in danger of exceeding 165 degrees F.

It doesn't look like that.
It's a mystery of nature.
Historic Tubs

Next to it, a vintage tub was left.


Now, the grill on the patio seems to be cooking up some goodies.

Wooden Tub 2

Soaking in fragrant hot water while eating salmon.

If this is not the best, I don't know what is!

Soaking 01


Grande Hot Springs RV Resort, La Grande, Oregon, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Room with thermal water, Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 153 degrees F

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