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Fire Water Lodge- Hot Springs in New Mexico


A beautiful hot spring inn located along the main street of the spa town.

Natural hot spring water is drawn into most of the various guest rooms.


Due to renovation work, parts of the building may differ from its current appearance.

Two private pools

There are two main streets in downtown Truth or Consequences, with a one-way street facing west on the north side and a one-way street facing east on the south side.

Street 01

The white buildings facing the street on the south side is the Fire Water Lodge.

Street 02

Incidentally, they were previously painted turquoise, and photos from that time are also used for your reference.

That's too manic.
I went to T or C all the time.
Street 03

The Texas Home Court, an apartment building built in 1925, was the predecessor of the inn.

Entrance 01

No walk-in is available, only overnight stays.

Lodging can only be reserved through the official website.

Entrance 02

After completing the reservation, I was given a PIN for the front door and was able to check in without seeing anyone.

Thanks to the thorough labor savings, I was able to stay at a reasonable price.

Outdoor Pool 01

Just inside the entrance on the right was an outdoor tub that was available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Outdoor Pool 02

Ready-made hot tub under the gazebo.

Outdoor Pool 03

The indoor tub, also available on a first-come, first-served basis, was not available during my second visit due to the renovation.

Courtyard 01

A corridor colored in primary colors.

Indoor Pool 03

The vintage tub has remained in place since its construction in 1925.

Indoor Pool 01

The thermal water was poured with strong water pressure like a laser beam.

Indoor Pool 02

At the time of this writing, nine rooms on the property can be reserved.

Courtyard 02

There was a common kitchen and I was able to cook for myself.

Common Kitchen 01

Eucalyptus Room

I first stayed in Room 1 Eucalyptus Room.

Eucalyptus Room 01

The hot tub was located in the outdoor space opposite the entrance.

Eucalyptus Room 02

It was tiled like a work of art, with quartz decorations in the center.

Eucalyptus Room 03

Desert Rose Room

My second stay was in Room 2 Desert Rose Room.

Desert Rose Room 01

It was a new room that had just been completely renovated.

Desert Rose Room 04

The hot tub was located in the courtyard just inside the entrance.

Desert Rose Room 02

A simple, beautifully tiled tub was fed with clear, colorless, tasteless, and odorless water.

Desert Rose Room 03

Each of the guest rooms has its own unique flavor, making this inn that you will want to visit again and again.


Fire Water Lodge, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Room with thermal water, Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 108 degrees F

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