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You may or may not wear a swimsuit in the vast wilderness.

This is a hot spring inn with unique atmosphere, with peacocks walking beside the outdoor pools.

Clothing required area

I got off the I- 10 at Deming and drove northwest for 30 minutes.

Deming was called “New Chicago” in the late 1800s and was expected to grow.

Information Board 01

Faywood Hot Springs is located in the south of City of Rocks State Park and is easily accessible.

The history of the area is ancient, with traces of use by the indigenous people of Mimbres culture before the arrival of the Spanish.

Entrance 03

The first hot spring inn was built in 1859.

It was recorded as “the fanciest hotel in New Mexico Territory” in the days when the neighboring town of Deming was thriving.

Club House 01

The hotel gradually fell out of favor and was demolished in 1952; and finally redeveloped in 1993.

Club House 02

Today, in addition to walk-ins, there are cabins, RV parks, and campgrounds as accommodation options.

The site is spread out at the bottom of a small hill.

Peacock 01

This hill is a tufa dome, which has been deposited with minerals over a long period of time.

At the top, there is a forest of symbolic water tanks.

Changing Room 02

First, let's take a look at the clothing required area where you can take a walk-in.

Required or Optional 01

All areas were outdoors, separated by wooden fences, but spacious.

Required or Optional 02

There were three pools in this area.

Clothing Required Pool 01

The pools in Faywood were usually all built with the shape of steps.

The hot water was yellowish and there was no particular smell.

Clothing Required Pool 02

There was a sufficient amount of water coming out, and it looked free-flowing without chlorination.

Clothing optional area

Peacock 02

Next, let's move on to the clothing optional area, where you can take a walk-in.

He is watching us.
Say hello.
Clothing Optional Pool 01

This area was also a combination of three pools.

Clothing Optional Pool 02

What sets Faywood apart from other clothing optional hot springs is that there are cabins and campgrounds inside this area as well.

Casita 03

What this means is that you can go from the room where you are sleeping to pools completely naked.

Of course, you can also go from the pools back to your room naked.

Casita 02

I stayed in the least expensive cabin called “Casita”.

It was barely big enough to fit one sofa, and at night I unfolded it to make a bed.

Casita 01

The bed was not so comfortable, but the access to hot springs was awesome.

Private pools

Watsu I 01

There were five private pools in total, and you could use them as a walk-in for a basic fee of $34.00 per hour (as of this writing).

For overnight stays, the use of private pools was included in the price.

Watsu I 02

The Watsu I could be recommended for those who like hot water.

In general, the water temp was maintained at 100 to 108 degrees F in the pools.

Jalapeno 01

The Jalapeno was a small fiberglass tub.

Blue Moon 01

The Blue Moon was under a sunshade, so I could avoid the direct sunlight during the day.

Blue Moon 02

The water temp in the Big Dipper was lukewarm, but the large pool was attractive.

Big Dipper

Finally, the Watsu II could be rented out for up to 25 people for $108.00 per hour.

Watsu II

Bath house pool

Most of the accommodations were located outside the clothing optional area.

There was a pool for overnight guests only that was surrounded by a wooden fence; and only the inside of the fence was clothing optional.

Bath House Pool 01

It was nice to take a shower adjacent to the pool.

Bath House Pool 05

The pool was divided into four sections, and the water temp for each was set by sequential overflow.

Bath House Pool 02

The small puddle was a foot wash.

The tubs were carefully chambered, giving a sense of attention to detail.

Bath House Pool 04

I hope I was able to introduce the unique atmosphere that flows through this hot spring inn.

Bath House Pool 03


Faywood Hot Springs, Faywood, New Mexico, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Clothing optional, Clothing required, Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 129 degrees F

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