Holtville (Old Fogey) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in California

A hot spring located right next to the I-.

It is a fragile paradise that is free of charge for everyone.

An oasis worth seeing

Located near the Mexican border in the Imperial Valley.

It was right next to I- 8, and the sound of cars passing one by one on the highway was so loud.

Parking Lot 01

There are multiple designations for this hot spring, most recently Old Forgey Hot Springs, but it is also known as Holtville Hot Springs or Highline Hot Well.

Rest Room 01

In the vast gravel parking lot, there was one vault toilet, which was dirty.

Oasis 03

The palm trees were scorched round by the 2020 fire, but it was an oasis worth seeing.

Oasis 01

The source of this pond was geothermal water flowing out of pools, so the water was lukewarm (about 93 degrees F) and steamy.

Oasis 02
What an odd sight.
I hear the palm trees have recovered now.

I decided not to swim in the pond because it did not look very clean with so many fish.

Entrance 01

Snowbird paradise

The pool area, surrounded by a metal fence, was located closer to the highway at the oasis.

Pool Area 02

Anyone is free to enter, although it appears that use is prohibited between midnight and 5:00 a.m.

Clothing is required, but there are some people who appear to be naked.

Entrance 02

This area is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, and the adjacent land is designated as a Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA).

Therefore, if you wish to camp for more than two weeks between September 15 and April 15 each year, you must purchase a permit for the fee.

Water Outlet 02

Even though there are minimal facilities, the total price is a low $180.00 for camping throughout the entire 7-month period.

One might wonder why anyone would stay in such a location for an extended period of time.

Pool Area 01

These people are called snowbirds.

Water Outlet 01

They are winter vacationers coming from Canada and other cold regions, and this area is popular because they can enjoy a warm climate on a small budget.

Pool Area 04

Now, the thermal water that was gushing out of its own was as hot as 124 degrees F.

Since it is too hot, it is sprayed in the form of a shower during the summer months to provide natural cooling.

Water Temp 01

There were two pools, and the water that popped out of the water outlet was poured directly into the first pool.

Larger Pool 01

The water was clear, colorless, slightly salty, and odorless.

The dark green color is due to the fact that the bottom of the pool was covered with slimy algae.

Soaking 01

The pool temperature was about 111 degrees F, which was quite hot.

Pool Area 05

The second pool was smaller and shallower.

Hot water overflowing from the first pool was poured in, so the water temp was lower.

Water Temp 02

The water overflowing from the second pool drained into the oasis pond.

Water Discharge 01

This hot spring is free of charge even if you do not camp, attracting many people with different values.

In this sense, it is a fragile paradise that is not always comfortable to dip in.


Holtville (Old Fogey) Hot Springs, Holtville, California, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in, Lodging (campground)

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 124 degrees F

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