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Indian Springs Bath House (Truth or Consequences) - Hot Springs in New Mexico


I love Indian Hot Springs Bath House the best among all spa facilities in Truth or Consequences.

It has only two indoor private pools.

The primitive and rustic atmosphere made me feel spiritual affluence.

Larger private pool

An old motel, Langford Tourist Courts, began the business in the 1930s, and changed the name to Indian Hot Springs Bath House.

Exterior 01

Lodgers get two free half-hour baths per day.

Motel 01

Walk-ins are welcome on a first-come / first-served basis, which is $4.00 per person for a half-hour soak (as of this writing).

Exterior 01

The office is located across from the ‘40s-style efficiency apartments.

When parking in the lot, the host appeared, and accepted the cash.

Bath House 01

Next to the office, there is the shack of private pools.

The left one is larger, and the right one is smaller.

Door to Large Bath

First, I tried Large bath.

Baths are mostly natural-flow, straight out of the ground, so the rooms are located underground.

Large Bath1

The half of the bathroom is the dressing space, and the tub is in the opposite side of the wooden bench.

The tub accommodates four people.

Large Bath2

The water temp was 106 degrees F.

Crystal clear water is constantly gushing from the gravel-bottom.

Soaking 01

I was deeply impressed by the perfect atmospheric bath.

Smaller private pool

Door of Small Bath

The water temp in Small bath was higher around 109 degrees F, due to the size for two.

Small bath may be better in case of cold seasons.


The amount of water naturally flown seems less, so that there is a pump for maintaining constant flow.


Inside the homemade-looking box, the pump is there, which produces large noise.

Sound of a vacuum cleaner.
Turn it off if water becomes hot.
Small Bath1

I dipped in the water, going down the narrow footsteps.

Different from Large bath, the tub is made of old woods.

Small Bath2

The small pipe under water surface is the water outlet.

Activating the pump, fresh water is provided with the strong current.

Water Outlet

The only two private pools of Indian Hot Springs Bath House warmed me from the heart.


Indian Springs Bath House, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 109 degrees F

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