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Jordan Hot Springs - Hot Springs in New Mexico

A wild hot spring that can just barely be visited in one day.

To enjoy the beautiful scenery and water, it is best to come prepared to camp.

Two different routes

There are two routes to this hot spring.

One is from Trail #729 via Little Bear Canyon.

Trailhead 02

The shortest route, but still 15 miles round trip.

The other is further along the trail from next to Gila Visitor Center to Middle Fork Hot Springs.

Trailhead 01

This trail is easy to follow because it follows the Middle Fork Gila River throughout, but it is about 19 miles round trip.

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Trailhead 03

I chose the latter route this time.

Middle Fork Hot Springs 01

Walking side by side with Middle Fork Hot Springs.

Although the trail has few elevation changes, I had to walk across the river many times.

15 times if via Little Bear Canyon.
If via Middle Fork Hot Springs, nearly 30 times.
Middle Fork Gila River 01

Depending on the time of year, be prepared to be immersed in waist-deep water.

Bring water shoes and change them frequently to make walking easier.

Middle Fork Gila River 03

The columnar joints that resulted from prehistoric volcanic activity were close at hand.

Middle Fork Gila River 02

Lukewarm water seeped out of the surrounding rock formations here and there.

Once you join the trail leading from Little Bear Canyon on the south side, there are approximately 2.5 miles remaining to the hot springs.

Mystical pool

Rock Pool 01

The hot springs were halfway up the slope, but easy to find.

At the point where the warm water flows down to the river, there was a rock pool built by someone.

Stream 01

As I walked back to it, I found a large pool in the shade of trees.

Overview 01

A fallen tree was overhanging the center of the pool like a bridge, and the bottom was covered with pebbles.

The Pool 02

No algae were seen, and the clear blue water was mysterious.

The Pool 01

The water outlet seemed to be mainly in two places on either side across the fallen tree.

Water Outlets 01

The water outlet on the right side had a lot of water and was flowing down through a tunnel of rocks from a high position.

The water outlet on the left side was shaded by the fallen tree, and this area felt the warmest.

Water Outlets 03

The water was lukewarm, though, with a temperature of about 99 degrees F.

No odor could be detected from the water.

Water Outlets 02

I recklessly tried a day trip, but I do not recommend it.

Overview 02

The trip was taxing, trying to finish everything while the sun was still up, and I injured my leg in the river on the way home.

Soaking 01

I encourage you to bring your camping gear and soak in this beautiful scenery and lose track of time.


Jordan Hot Springs, Magdalena, New Mexico, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped (camping allowed)

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: 99 degrees F

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