Carson Hot Springs Resort (Nevada) - Hot Springs in the U.S.


The water gushes at 120 degrees F at the source.

The historic spa provides it without adding tap water or chlorine at outdoor pools and a variety of private pools.

Outdoor Pools

Carson Hot Springs Resort is located near I-580, at the edge of downtown.

There is a resort hotel of the same name in the State of Washington.


The one in Nevada is for day use only.

The front side was under construction for the major renovation.


In the back of parking lots, there are an attractive brewery and restaurant.

The entrance to hot springs is in the right side.


The no-frills office does not tell that this is a historic spa facility that started the business in 1880.

The rate for outdoor pools is $15.00, without time restriction.


Private pools are $25.00 per two hours; accessible to outdoor pools.

Let’s go outside first.

Pool Side

The swimming pool itself is not so interesting, but the way of feeding water is characteristic.

There are two water outlets, located in the high position.

Outdoor Pool 1

One of them is spraying 120 degrees F water, cooling it without adding tap water.

That function enables it to maintain the pool tepid; around 94 degrees F in summer, and around 38 degrees F in winter.

Outdoor Pool 2

There are two pentagon.-shaped Jacuzzi in the back.


They are warmer, but badly chlorinated, different from the large swimming pool.

Nine Private Pools

When asking for a private pool, a staff asked back to me about my favorite temperature.


Nine private pools are carefully controlled to maintain different warmth.


I chose the hottest one at 104 degrees F, and received the number plate.

I hanged it at a doorknob and locked the door from inside.

Changing Room

Private pools are all inside the bathhouse and have almost the same structure, the combination of the changing room and four-people-sized pool.

Private Bath 2

This pool has wavelike tiles around the water surface.

Let’s look into other rooms.

Wait. Are you going to see all?
Of course.

Private Bath 1

Geometric patterns

Private Bath 3

Light blue tiles

Private Bath 7

Marble skin

Private Bath 4

Brick texture

Private Bath 5


Private Bath 9

Deep blue tiles

Private Bath 6

Simple, steps in the left

Private Bath 8

Simple, steps in the right


The waist-deep pool is fed by clear and odorless mineral water.

The smooth texture comes from the natural contained materials.

Water Outlet

The ceiling is high and has a slit to get steam outside.


The variety of private pools keeps the same structures as being surrounded by walls in four directions and having a room-filling pool.


Carson Hot Springs Resort, Carson City, Nevada, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Private pool / Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Jacuzzi: detected / Others: not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 120 degrees F

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