Carson Hot Springs Resort - Hot Springs in Nevada


This historic hot spring of Carson City, Nevada's capital, has hot water at 120 degrees F.

The free-flowing outdoor pools and private baths of different styles are attractive.


Renovations were done in 2020, so it may look different from it does today.

Outdoor pools

The Carson Hot Springs Resort is located in a lonely spot along the interstate outside of downtown Carson City.

There is a hot spring of the same name in Washington State, but it is a resort hotel where overnight stays are available.

ReferenceCarson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort - Hot Springs in Washington

There is a well-established hot springs inn in Washington State on the West Coast that stubbornly adheres to traditional soaking methods. In some rooms, by contrast, thermal water was poured into a state-of-the-art Jacuzzi. Historic bathhouse and pools On the ...


This one in Nevada is a day spa whose naming as a resort was somewhat questionable.

The front part of the building was undergoing a major renovation.


There was a nice brewery and restaurant at the back of the parking lot.

The entrance to the hot springs was a shed to the right of there.


It had a utilitarian appearance that did not resemble the historic spa that opened in 1880.

The outdoor pools were $15.00 with no time limit.


Private soaks are $25.00 and are available for 2 hours (as of this writing), and you can also use the outdoor pool.

Let's take a look at the outdoor area first.

Pool Side

The pool itself looked nothing special, but the method of putting in the new water was ingenious.

The hot water was discharged from two high points.

Outdoor Pool 1

One of them is mist-blown and naturally cooled without adding water to the 120 degrees F water.

This mechanism keeps the temperature in the pool at a lukewarm 94 degrees F in summer and 100 degrees F in winter.

Outdoor Pool 2

Chlorine disinfection was not detected.

There were two pentagonal Jacuzzis in the back.


These were warm, around 102 degrees F, but had a strong chlorine smell and were not recommended.

Nine private pools

When I asked for a private bath, a staff asked what temperature water I preferred.


I was lost when asked so suddenly.

The nine indoor pools were finely temperature-set by adjusting the amount of thermal water input.


We decided on the hottest pool, 104 degrees F, and received the number tag.

I hung it on the doorknob and locked the door from the inside.

Changing Room

There was a changing area just inside and a four-person pool below.

Private Bath 2

This pool features a wave pattern in the tiles on the surface of the water.

Since we are here, let's take a look at the other bathrooms.

Private Bath 1

Geometric pattern.

Wait, you want to see the whole thing?
That's right.
Private Bath 3

Light blue tiles.

Private Bath 7

Marble tune.

Private Bath 4

Brick style.

Private Bath 5

Wood grain.

Private Bath 9

Indigo tile.

Private Bath 6

Simple, left staircase.

Private Bath 8

Simple, steps in the right


Tasteless and odorless water was poured into the deep pool up to the chest level.

The smooth feel was stronger than the outdoor pool.

Water Outlet

The ceiling was high and there was a steam vent.


Although the private baths were slightly different in style, the structure was curiously the same: the entire room had a pool surrounded by walls on all sides.

That was probably the one part of historic Carson Hot Springs that should not be changed.


Carson Hot Springs Resort, Carson City, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in

Rule: Private pool, Clothing required

Chemical use: Yes (jacuzzi), No (other)

Water temp: Up to 120 degrees F

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