Carson Hot Springs Resort (Washington) - Hot Springs in the U.S.


A long-established hotel in the State of Washington keeps the traditional way of bathing.

In the some guest rooms, in contrast, an up-to-date Jacuzzi is fed by hot springs water.

Bath House and Pool

Beside the Columbia River, which makes the state line between Washington and Oregon, there is the long-established hotel.

It is an hour's drive from Portland.

Historic Buildings

The Hotel St. Martin started their business in 1901, and changed the name in the 1970s to Carson Hot Springs Resort, however the old name is held on the wall.

The building is the office, which remain the original state in the early days.


Walk-ins are welcome; there are two choices for a bath house that keeps the traditional way of bathing and an indoor pool named the Mineral Therapy Pool.

This is the bath house built in the 1930s, gender-separated.


They set a time limit for 50 minutes; a 25-minute soak and a 25-minute body wrap.

The rate is $30.00 for Monday through Thursday and $35.00 for Friday through Sunday.

It is regrettable that they do not have any discounts for lodgers.

Small Tubs1

In the darkish bathroom, you need to wear nothing on.

There are eight vintage claw foot tubs.

Small Tubs2

The good news was a staff did not interfere too much after he told me to use one of the tubs.

Inside the tub, I mixed up 122 degrees F mineral water and 52 degrees F cold water.

Small Tubs3

The quality of the water was superior, and I felt strong smell of eggs.

A tub was fed by just cold water, and I really enjoyed bathing coming and going the hot and cold tubs.


A body wrap is the traditional way of bathing, wrapping the warmed body with linen, which does increase metabolism.

It was indeed comfortable, but I thought it could be an option in all honestly.

Mineral Therapy Pool1

You need to wear swimsuites in the Mineral Therapy Pool.

It smells bad due to the chlorination, and is not for a hot springs enthusiast.

Mineral Therapy Pool2

The lodge is located across the indoor pool.

Jacuzzi at Guest Room

Guest Room

Not all guest rooms have hot springs water, and you need to make reservation of the higher-grade rooms “with Hot Tub.”

A tub for two is located in the balcony.


Removing the heavy insulator, an up-to-date Jacuzzi is there.

The fence of the balcony is made of glass, so that you can see beautiful forests while in the tub.

Balcony with a hot tub1

I tried the function adjusting the jet and heater, and finally found out the important thing,

Indeed it was natural water, but it was circulated and no fresh water was provided.

Control Panel

I guessed they eliminated the constituent or added city water, because of the less sulfurous smell.

The only good news was that it was not chlorinated.

Balcony with a hot tub2

I found valves on the walls and carefully opened it not to destroy equipment.


Did you read it?
I do not understand English.

The gushing water was in “moderate” temperature, completely different from the l136 degrees F water at the source.

Meanwhile, I liked soaking in the open-air space without having to worry about anyone else.

I began to appreciate the private pool.

Balcony with a hot tub3

When returning from the hotel, I noticed there is a hot springs faucet in front of the bath house.

Turning on it, the strong sulfur smell reminded me of the comfortable memory of the bath house.

Potable Water

I keenly realized the true worth of Carson Hot Springs Resort was in the historic bath house.

Overall I could satisfy with the stay, not expecting too much on the hot tub in the guest room.


Carson Hot Springs Resort, Carson, Washington, U.S.


  • Style
    Lodging / Walk-in
  • Rule
    Gender-separated / Clothing required / Hot tub in guestroom
  • Chlorination
    Pool: yes / Others: not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 106 degrees F

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