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Even in Nevada, where the great outdoors is blessed with hot springs, Spencer Hot Springs is particularly popular.

Wild hot springs where you can park your RV are scattered all over the hillside.

Hot water at the top

Austin, Nevada, is a well preserved mining town from the gold rush era.

Dirt Road

That hot spring is located in the wilderness, only a 30-minute drive from the town.

The straight, unpaved road can be driven by a standard passenger car.

Lower Pool 3

Hot waters spring up here and there on the gentle hills.

When you get to this area, be careful because the road surface is rough in some places.

Terrace 3

There was a wooden deck near the top of the hill with a single wooden bench at the end of it.

Terrace 1

For a free hot spring maintained by volunteers, it looked quite magnificent.

On a sunny day, it would be nice to lie down in such an open space.

Terrace 2

There was a pool dug directly into the ground just behind the deck.

The area enclosed by iron bars on the left was the source of the spring.

Muddy Pool 3

Since the water temp was over 140 degrees F, the structure was designed to prevent people from accidentally falling into the source.

Some of the hot water flowed directly into the pool through the trench.

Muddy Pool 2

The other flow channel was a pipe with a valve, which could be operated to adjust the temperature.

The water temp in the pool was overall hot, about 111 degrees F.

Muddy Pool 1

It appears to be opaque, and the appearance seems to be caused by fine mud flying up from the bottom.

There might be some difficulty in terms of cleanliness.

Aerial photos are useful

Lower Source

As I walked down the slope, I found boiling water overflowing from a smaller iron grate box than before.

I found a tub converted from a cattle trough.

Lower Pool 2

The hot water of 131 degrees F was pouring out of the pipes.

It looks cleaner than the other one.
It's a matter of feeling.
Lower Pool 1

It was crowded with people as you could park the car right next to it and camp there.

Lower Pool 4

I had checked the aerial photos on Google Maps beforehand to get a full picture of Spencer, which are scattered over a wide area.

Sunken Pool 1

It was marked by a cluster of plants.

This tub was found in the most remote location.

Sunken Pool 2

The spring temperature was just under 104 degrees F.

A wooden staircase jutted out towards the swamp.

Sunken Pool 4

A striking scene of a cattle trough sinking, tilting, into the flooded wilderness.

Sunken Pool 3

The other tub was completely buried in the ground.

Hillside Pool 2

Water a slight metallic smell.

Hillside Pool 1

It was the kind of place where I want to spend the whole day relaxing, walking back and forth between the tub and the tent, looking at the snow-covered mountains in the distance.



Spencer Hot Springs, Austin, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped (camping allowed)

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 111 degrees F

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