Spencer Hot Springs, Nevada


Spencer Hot Springs is one of the most popular geothermal pools in the State of Nevada.

Around a hill, there are several pools that RVs can park in the near distance.

Accessible Campsite

Austin, Nevada is said to be “Living Ghost Town,” where the atmosphere of mining town remains well.

Dirt Road

The hot springs are only 30 minutes from the small town.

The straight dirt road is safe enough for a normal car to drive.

Lower Pool 3

Actually the pools are located around a hill; drivers need caution for the rough slopes.

Terrace 3

Around the top of the hill, there is a wood deck with a wooden bench.

Terrace 1

It looks nice even though this place is free, maintained by volunteers.

Terrace 2

The geothermal pond is next to the deck.

The hot well is protected with iron bars.

Muddy Pool 3

The water is hotter than 140 degrees F, so that it is carefully covered for avoiding accidents.

Part of water is provided to the pool through a ditch.

Muddy Pool 2

Another flow is this valve, which enables to adjust the water temperature of the pond.

It was hot: around 111 degrees F.

Muddy Pool 1

The water looks opaque, probably due to the mud welling up from the bottom.

The spectacle was super, but I was not satisfied with the cleanliness.

Cow Trough Tubs

Lower Source

Going down the slope, I found a smaller hot well protected with iron bars as well.

Water was piped to a cattle tub.

Lower Pool 2

Looks cleaner...
Kind of.

131 degrees F water was flown from the pipe.

Lower Pool 1

Cars can be parked next to the pools for camping, which is one of the reasons for Spencer Hot Springs to be a popular site.

Lower Pool 4

Overflowed water made shallow pools on the ground.

I used Google Maps in order to know the location of all the hot springs around the hill.

Sunken Pool 1

Bushes can be landmarks for finding hot springs.

This tub was found in the remotest place.

Sunken Pool 2

The water temperature was tepid; around 104 degrees F.

Sunken Pool 4

It was interesting view of a cattle tub sunk in the flooded wilderness.

Sunken Pool 3

The other tub was completely sunk in the ground.

Hillside Pool 2

The water looked opaque at the hilltop pond was clear and colorless in other tubs, being accompanied with slight metallic smell.

Hillside Pool 1

Looking for hours at snow-covered mountains, I enjoyed the relaxing soak.



Spencer Hot Springs, Austin, Nevada, U.S.


  • Style
    Undeveloped (camping allowed)
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 111 degrees F

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