Lower Oxley Peak Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Nevada

Located on a small hill with an excellent view.

Whether or not you can soak comfortably depends on your luck.

Brightly colored travertine domes

North of Wells, Nevada, between 3 and 12 Mile Hot Springs, lies the Lower Oxley Peak.

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Dirt Road 01

The access appeared to be the easiest, as it was located closest to the paved road.

The dirt road was deeply rutted and required caution, but it was about 0.2 miles, so it was within walking distance.

Fenced Area 01

There was an area surrounded by barbed wire netting, perhaps to prevent livestock from entering.

Tufa Dome 01

A brightly colored travertine dome rose above the hill.

Although no water gushes were observed around the dome, it was assumed that extensive geothermal activity once existed.

Tufa Dome 02

Small hot water pools were scattered a short distance away.

Water Hole 01

This hole had a temperature of 140 degrees F, the hottest ever recorded in the area.

Water Temp 02

This one was a barely-soaking-sized pool of hot water.

The water was accompanied by a strong sulfur odor.

Water Hole 04

Scattered around was animal feces.

Water Hole 03

It appeared to function as watering holes for livestock, and piping had been laid.

I'm concerned about sanitation.
You come in here and say that?

Scenic point with a tub?

Stream 02

The highest volume of water was from this source, which was located at the bottom of the hillside.

Stream 01

118 degrees F hot water flowed as a stream.

Water Temp 03

Almost all the water was dissipated on the surface without being used, turning the area reddish brown.

Colored Ground 02

Some water was drawn through a hose to a tub.

Soaking Tub 01

Would this be a windbreak?

It was surrounded on three sides by a short concrete wall.

Soaking Tub 03

It was a scenic point, with a panoramic view of the vast wilderness from a small elevation.

Soaking Tub 02

The location had a great view, but the hose was clogged and in need of maintenance.

This made for a disappointing soaking experience, as the water was not warm enough to dip in.

Soaking 01


Lower Oxley Peak Hot Springs, Wells, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 140 degrees F

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