Reese River Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Nevada


Nevada was under the heavily overcast sky.

I was covered in mud, and finally reached the springs.

Hot water was gushing in a pasture, which was piped to a cow trough.

Overflowed water

In my opinion the State of Nevada is one of the best states in the US when talking about natural hot springs.

There are many places where the water is hot enough; the amount water is large enough; and the access to the hot springs is easy enough.

Most of them are beyond unpaved roads, which makes it difficult to reach in rainy seasons.

Cattle Gate

Reese River Hot Springs is located in a private ranch, opens to public in daytime.

Please make sure to close the gate when you enter the premises.

Muddy Road

I parked the car in a minute due to the muddy road.

I saw steam in 0.3 miles ahead.

Wow, amazing.
Watch your step..

Overflowed water was covering the field.

The ground was loose due to the hot water and rain.

The stream to the bog was thin; around 15 inches.

I found the outdoor tub over the flow, but decided to observe the source of the springs.

Scalding hot water over 122 degrees F was sliding from the hill.

I climbed to the top, getting muddy, and found the lovely landscape.

There was a crater on the top fed by bubbling water.

I carefully examined the surface of the hollow, and noticed that the hill itself was made of travertine derived from the mineral water.

It was truly a magic to see hot springs water gush suddenly in the center of a basin.

There were some pipes in order to lead the water to the tub by gravity.

Most part of water was overflowed and waiting in the bog to leak in the ground.

360-degree panorama

There used to be a rock-made pool.

For whatever reason it was removed; only the plastic cow trough is the tub.

I saw the steaming hill in the back.

In the front I had a view of mountains over the coated ground with mineral deposit.

I was impressed by the 360-degree panorama.

Getting myself naked, I jumped into the trough.

It was hot, around 111 degrees F.

I tried to stay in the water, and then became energized by the geothermal heat.

The water had metallic smell, which proves the rich contained material.

On the other hand it was clear and colorless because of the freshness not being oxidized yet.

Reese River Hot Springs was a real gem.


Reese River Hot Springs, Lander, Nevada, U.S.


  • Type
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water temp
    Up to 111 degrees F

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