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I felt that soaking in hot springs is much more popular in Oregon than that in other states.

I saw many people around the less-known hot springs in the forest.

Warm murky water

There are several hot springs around the Cascade Range, due to the volcanic activities.

Bridge 01

Bigelow Hot Springs is one of the natural hot springs that is complementary and accessible.

Bridge 02

It is less than ten minutes’ drive from a hotel in Willamette National Forest, Belknap Hot Springs, Lodge and Gardens.

Trailhead 01

The sign of the cross is located at the trailhead.

Trail 01

I parked the car, and walked to the left side of the two trails, descending to the riverbed.

It took only a few minutes to find the springs.

Trail 02

It was right under the cliff, close to the water surface of the McKenzie River.

The springs are said to easily go underwater in spring due to melting of snow.

McKenzie River

The water temp is rather warm, around 104 degrees F; summer and autumn will be the good seasons.

There is only a sand-bottom rock pool for three to four people.


The spring water is gushing straight from the ground in the cave.

The water temp is more tepid in the riverside due to the river water mixed.


Clothing is optional, and soaking after dark is prohibited.

People use it as if it were a private soaking pool of first-come-first-served.

Murky Water

The murky water does not smell particularly.

The opaque appearance is due to the muddy deposits in the water.

Is it just muddy water?
Just feel it.
Inside Cave

Normally it is in quiet atmosphere except for the sound of flowing water.

However, it attracts an endless stream of visitors as well.

How do Oregonians like hot springs!


Bigelow (Deer Creek) Hot Springs, Willamette National Forest, Oregon, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped (camping allowed)

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 104 degrees F

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Austin Hot Springs is in the northern part along the Cascade Range.

Over 120 degrees F water gushes in the riverbed, which makes small ponds green.

Austin Hot Springs
Austin Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY], Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon, U.S.
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