Umpqua Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Oregon


Different from many natural hot springs in other States, some places in Oregon require the fee.

They are in the national forest, and maintained to some extent.

Looking down on stream from tufa dome

Umpqua Hot Springs is located apart from large cities; 4 hours drive from Portland, and 8 hours from San Francisco Bay Area.


I noticed some common points with Terwilliger Hot Springs in the same State.

Reference:Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Oregon

Hot mineral water with faint sulfur smell flows down along the series of rock walled pools. Terwilliger is one of the most popular clothing optional natural hot springs in the State of Oregon.

Both are in the national forest, requiring a fee, needing light hiking, and very popular.

Parking Lot

The well-maintained dirt road took me to the parking lot.

Day use only and camping is not allowed.


It costs only $5.00 per vehicle/day.

There were no staffs, so I put the money in the rustic box.


After crossing the beautiful rainbow bridge, it is a 0.8 mile trail.

Indeed the trail is short, but very steep.


If you find a pit toilet full of graffiti, it means that the hot spring is very close.

Rest Room

You will see the tufa mound, looking down on the stream far below.


There are mostly six pools; all of them are primitive, being trimmed from the deposits.

The apparent custom is clothing optional.

Upper Pools 2

The main pool large enough for five people is covered with crumbling ceiling.

Shack 2

Hot water was not gushing at this location, but flowing from the upper pool.

Shack 2

The water temp in the main pool was 106 degrees F.

Shack 4

Manipulating the hose, the warmth was controllable.

What a spectacle cliff!
Be careful not to fall!

Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon

Photo by Mitchell Friedman – Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon (2011) / CC BY 2.0

Spilt water goes down to the cliff.

Tufa dome 4

There were a few pools made of hollowed deposits.

Tufa dome 1

The tufa mound is one of the art forms in nature, and also a cooling machine.

As it goes down, the water becomes lukewarm.

Tufa dome 3

The last pool is on the riverbed, next to the stream.


Hotter water straight out of the ground

As I have fully observed the one-of-a-kind spectacle of Umpqua Hot Springs, I started thinking of soaking.

This upper pool is the source of other all pools' water input.

Hottest Pool 2

The water was opaque, looked like muddy.

However it turned out that the color came from rich mineral composition, even though the bottom of the pool was soft.

Hottest Pool 1

It was gushing straight from the ground, sometimes bubbling.

A little bit hot, 111 degrees F.

Water temp

I got so impressed by the strong texture with metallic smell.

Soaking 2

I feel that fee-charging natural hot springs in the State of Oregon are likely to be good.

They are maintained to some extent, and undeveloped to some extent.

Soaking 1


Umpqua Hot Springs, Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, U.S.


  • Type
    Undeveloped (entrance fee required)
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water temp
    Up to 111 degrees F

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