Mickey Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Oregon

A miniature version of Yellowstone National Park.

From a distance that could inadvertently kill you, you can observe various geothermal activities that are no less impressive than the original.

If Mickey Mouse is an American symbol

The great Yellowstone National Park straddles Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

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It was really boiling. The buffalo and elk of Yellowstone might have looked at me coldly as I cheered. Yellowstone National Park More than 10,000 hot springs and other geothermal activities can be found in Yellowstone National Park. Mammoth Hot ...

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A miniature version of this geothermal activity is located in eastern Oregon.

Mickey Hot Springs was a little-known spot until about 1992, and even today it is not a tourist attraction.

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If Mickey Mouse is an iconic symbol of the United States, then Mickey Hot Springs would be a symbol of America's abundant geothermal resources.

Located on the northern edge of the Alvord Desert, at the eastern base of Mt. Steens, on BLM property east of a dirt road off Fields-Denio Road

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Admission is free and the area is fenced to prevent devastation from wildlife invasion.

It is a dangerous area with boiling water and fatal accidents have been reported.

If something goes wrong, it's a disaster.
You shouldn't take your kids or pets.

Unique and sensitive geothermal activities

Dried Vent 01

First, I found a dry, empty vent.

There are about 60 vents of which about 10 appear to be dry.

Geothermal Vent 01

I found a pond brightly colored by thermophilic bacteria.

Please note that soaking is prohibited at Mickey Hot Springs.

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Although no one will fault you, it is wise not to immerse yourself in the water, as the temperature can be life-threatening.

Splash 01

A cute-sized geyser.

The temperature was 190 degrees F, which was not cute.

Water Temp 01

The white ground surface is crystals was sodium borate.

Pools 03

It was very fragile, and if you accidentally stepped through it, you would dive into the pools of boiling water.

Geothermal Site 02

The overflowing hot water formed a stream.

Pools 02

The hot water was mysteriously clear, and the formations at the bottom were clearly visible.

Pools 04

It was thought that the hot water was gushing out of numerous mortar-shaped areas.

Steam Vent 03

I heard a strange bass sound, like a whistle.

Steam Vent 02

To my surprise, steam was erupting from the dry ground, emitting a heavy bass sound like the rumbling of the earth accompanied by white smoke.

There was a smell of something burning in the air.

Steam Vent 01

Mud volcano-like vents were also seen.

Mud Pool 01

Several extremely unique and delicate geothermal activities could be observed from a distance that could inadvertently kill you.

Geothermal Site 01

In this respect, it was in some ways more uplifting than Yellowstone.

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Mickey Hot Springs, Alvord Desert, Oregon, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Soaking is prohibited

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 190 degrees F

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