Basin Creek Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho


I do not know such State like Idaho where has a number of soakable hot springs in a particular area.

Most of them are undeveloped ones with extremely hot water.

Under the cliff

There are many hot springs in the mountains north of Boise, the State capital of Idaho.

Bain Creek Road

About 16.5 million years ago, an intense period of volcanism is considered to be initiated near the borders of Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho.

Subsequent volcanic eruptions can be traced across southern Idaho towards Yellowstone, which created present-day a number of hot springs.

It is about a 15-minute drive from the intersection of the Mountain Village Resort in Stanley.

Reference:Mountain Village Resort - Hot Springs in Idaho

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Turning left to the dirt road, I parked my car and observed around.

The rocky hill in the left side is the landmark.

Looking down to the creek, I found a rock walled pool in the riverside.

The steam makes it easier to find.
I'm getting excited.

Relatively hard to find

The slope was too steep to climb down from the dirt road to the creek.

I found another path to come around behind the rocky hill.

Right under the cliff, there is almost no flat area except for the stream.

Due to the geographical conditions, only by being separated by rocks, the hot spring can be suitable for soaking.

Flooding will easily change its shape.

When I visited there, there were two rock walled pools.

The water outlet was in the upper tub.

Clear, colorless, and odorless water was gushing intensively among rocks.

I did not feel it upwelling up from the bottom of the river.

Water temp

It was scalding hot; 160 degrees F.

I had to move rocks in order to mix river water for chilling.

Basin Creek Hot Springs is relatively hard to find, keeping away from highway.

I really enjoyed quiet soaking in the nature.

Countless hot springs in such undeveloped style are in Idaho; soakers have so many options.


Basin Creek Hot Springs, Stanley, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 140 degrees F

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