Weir Creek Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho


The pool was unusually deep for a wild hot spring.

It was an excellent use of the geothermal water that springs up on the bedrock slope.

Main Pool on Bedrock

Upper Lochsa River in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, northern Idaho.

Parking Lot 01

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs is well known as one of the accessible wild hot springs in the area.

Trailhead 01

Another parking lot was located 13 minutes west on Route 12 from Jerry Johnson's parking lot.

This was the trailhead to Weir Creek Hot Springs.

Campground 01

There was one pit toilet there.

The trail was an easy 0.7-mile round trip along the creek.

Slope 03

Along the way, there was a primitive campsite on the right.

Please note that camping use is no longer possible.

Water Discharge 01

Like Jerry Johnson, Weir Creek has been restricted to day use only beginning in 2022 to protect it from environmental damage caused by overuse.

The main pool was located halfway up a slope with exposed bedrock toward the creek.

Lower Pool 01

The location had a great view with little vegetation around.

There was a large pool that could fit ten soakers.

Water Discharge 02

The pool, made of natural bedrock and hardened with mortar, was so magnificent that it was hard to believe it had been built by volunteers.

Soaking 02

A wooden plank was passed around the edge, just right for sitting or lying down.

Soaking 01

The bottom of the pool was V-shaped and deep, with the deepest point at 8 feet.

I can soak while standing.
You don't often get a pool like this.
Water Temp 01

At 111 degrees F, clear, colorless, tasteless, and odorless water flowed from the top.

Lower Pool 03

The overflowing water pooled in the second pool along the creek; it was a fairly small one and I did not soak there.

Lower Pool 01

After enjoying the main pool for a while, I climbed up the slope to observe the sources.

Lower Pool 02

Topmost Pool

Be careful of wet areas, as they are slippery with algae.

Slope 02

This was the uppermost part of the exposed bedrock.

To the left was the source of the water falling into the main pool.

Slope 01

I noticed another source on the right.

Upper Pool 01

This was the third pool, and it was built large enough for two soakers to barely fit in.

Water Temp 02

The temperature of the water gushing gently from the bottom was 106 degrees F.

The water was slightly opaque.

Upper Pool 03

It was a paradise dominated by the scent of pine trees and tranquility.

Upper Pool 02


Weir Creek Hot Springs, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 111 degrees F

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