Valley Creek (Snake Pit) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho


A wild hot spring located in a mountain basin.

The atmosphere was open and tranquil.

Stanley Museum

Stanley Museum 03

Where State Route 75 crosses Valley Creek, which flows into the Salmon River, there was a modest museum.

Stanley Museum 04

The Stanley Museum is housed in a 1933 Ranger Station building.

Stanley Museum 02

The exhibit is dedicated to the human history, settlement, commerce, and lifestyle of the region.

Open June 9 through Labor Day.

Stanley Museum 01

I did not enter due to time constraints, but I still enjoyed the outdoor display of mining equipment and others.

You should be interested in more than just hot springs.
Oh, I knew it.

Don't worry, no snakes

Dirt Road 01

To reach Valley Creek Hot Springs, take the dirt road that leads to the Stanley Museum parking lot.

Trail 02

While Stanley is served by a busy highway, Valley Creek Hot Springs, located in the same basin, is quieter due to its discreet location.

Trail 01

There was no sign, but I found a square that looked like a parking lot on the left.

Bridge 01

Behind the bushes I saw a wooden bridge.

There was no parapet.

Bridge 03

I crossed Valley Creek and ended up back on the shore on the Interstate 75 side.

Wetland 01

It was a characteristic wetland.

Hot water seeped out from everywhere, and the bathhouse at the Mountain Village Resort was just around the corner.

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Bridge 02

Across the bridge, on the opposite side of the river from the hut, I found a circular rock pool.

This was Valley Creek Hot Springs.

Pool 01

Also known as Snake Pit Hot Springs; but no snakes were present at the time of my visit.

Water Discharge 01

It was located on a higher level from the river, so there was no inflow of river water.

Source 02

Located at the northern end of the source area, the hot water seeped out from everywhere, although the amount of each gush was small.

Source 01

The most active source was under a rock a short distance away.

Source 03

The water temp was 111 degrees F.

The water in the pool was lukewarm.

Water Temp 01

Clear, colorless water with a slight sulfur smell.

Pool 02

Clouds were floating in the pool, which was shallow due to the accumulation of fine mud.

Soaking 01


Valley Creek (Snake Pit) Hot Springs, Stanley, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 111 degrees F

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