Crystal Crane Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Oregon


It is in one of the least populated areas of the contiguous United States.

Let's watch a sunrise over the steam of natural hot springs!

Many choices for lodging

Few people lives in the high desert, the Harney Basin located in southeastern Oregon.


Crystal Crane is a solitary lodging facility here.

Several RV cars were in the large site.

Office 1

Both lodging and walk-in guests are required to check-in at this office building.

Office 2

The right half of the building was the lobby; hot coffee was available.


A shared kitchen was next to it in the small cabin, with a refrigerator, microwave, oven top, cooking wares, and dishes.


There are many choices for lodging including campsites, RV sites, apartments, or cabins.


Eagle Nest Teepee

I would recommend the glamping, as they have private hot tubs.

Glamping 1

The glamping has four choices; three are teepees.

A teepee is a tent, which has been used by Indigenous peoples of North America.

Glamping 2

Out of three teepees, only Eagle Nest Teepee has an indoor hot tub.

Other two have outdoor tubs in the fenced area.

Eagle Nest Teepee 2

Due to the structure, the entrance of Eagle Nest cannot be locked; please avoid if you do not like this.

As for me, I got impressed by the wonderful interior!

Water Outlet

The water was 133 degrees F at the water outlet, which was clear and odorless.

Soaking 01

I tried my upper body on the bed and lower body in the tub, and slept in a second.

Minimal private indoor baths

Bathhouse 1

Just in front of the building, there is a bathhouse.

Bathhouse 2

In addition to gender-separated shower rooms, private indoor baths cannot be missed that can be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bathhouse 3

They are in this thin rooms.

I loved that minimal atmosphere.

Sunrise over the steam

Waterfront Cabins 1

Behind four cabins, there are an outdoor pool.

Waterfront Cabins 2

The water temp was maintained around 102 degrees F.

Large Pool 2

The gravel bottom was like natural hot springs.

Large Pool 1

At the source of the springs, this equipment was chilling extremely hot water at 185 degrees F.


The water outlets look unique and interesting.

Water Outlet 2

Only the dripping water in the back was scalding hot.

Why does this look so complicated?
Don't think. Just feel.
Water Discharge

The discharged water was flowing to the pond next to it.

Somehow hot water was gushing with steam at the center of the pond.

Duck Pool

No rivers in the Harney Basin flows to the sea; hot water goes underground and becomes heated again.

The morning sun appeared.


I wondered why a sunrise is so impressive, although it is there every day.


Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Burns, Oregon, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required, Room with thermal water, Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 185 degrees F

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