House of Siloam [Closed] - Hot Springs in the U.S.


This hot spring inn was located about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.

It was well known in the Asian community for its authentic water quality.


This facility has been closed.

History of the Place Connected by Asians

House of Siloam used to be operated by a Japanese American pastor and was especially popular among the Japanese community.

They also had a time for worship every Sunday.

Entrance 1

By the time I first visited in 2016, the owner had been replaced by a Korean.

Since both peoples are hot spring enthusiasts and both have large communities in SoCal, it is perhaps a natural consequence that the Japanese and Koreans have connected to the history of this place.

Entrance 2

Actually, it was a motel with some scathing reviews from guests.

It was certainly not clean and did not seem to have a general appeal.


Nevertheless, the indoor bathrooms equipped in each guest room were very popular among those who appreciate the value of using the free-flowing spring water.

Water Added at the Whim of Owner

For a walk-in, guests were guided to the two outdoor pools.

Clothing was required.

Pool 1

There was one pool that looked like a series of circles, and one circular pool under the gazebo.

Jacuzzi was also operable.

Soaking 1

At first I was very disappointed that the water had stopped flowing into the pools.

I don't know if the owner noticed it or not, but after a while, she poured in fresh spring water without my asking.

I was able to communicate even though I didn't understand the language.
Because you looked very disappointed.

Pool 2

It felt like a slippery lotion.

The water emitted strong sulfur smell, and I was amazed that such great springs water could spring up in the suburbs of cities.

After just a few minutes, the fresh water time was over and I left the pool feeling grateful but regretful.

Showering 1

Later, I got delighted to discover that pure spring water was also coming out of the shower.

In 2020, COVID-19 raged through the area, and the history of House of Siloam was completely cut short.

I hope that one day it will be revived as a place of relaxation for Asians living in SoCal.


House of Siloam [Closed], Lake Elsinore, California, U.S.


  • Type
    Walk-in / Lodging
  • Rule
    Clothing required / Hot tub in guestroom
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 104 degrees F

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