Snively Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Oregon


This could be one of the largest natural soaking pools in the state of Oregon. 

The extremely hot water at source and the spacious pool are very appealing.

Hawaii in the state of Oregon?

The hot spring is located in the eastern end of Oregon, about an hour's drive from Boise, the capital of Idaho.

An easy dirt road leads to the parking lot.


The area is maintained by the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Day use is free; camping and fire use are prohibited.

From the Parking Lot 1

The parking lot is located on a hill a little far from the Owyhee River.

Incidentally, it is a piece of trivia that Hawaii was described as Owyhee until the early 19th century.

From the Parking Lot 2

From the area where the vault toilet was located, I started to break into the grass.

Soon, I found a stream with a spring flowing through it.

Stream 1

There were several springs, and at this point, two streams were being met.

When I reached the top of the stream, I found the source surrounded by a wooden frame.

Hot Well 1

It is an interesting sight to see hot water pouring out of a partially collapsed concrete well.

Hot Well 2

The water, which appeared slightly yellowish, was tasteless and odorless at 129 degrees F.

Water temp

It was apparently too hot to soak in as it was, so it was necessary to add water from the river.


So, let's go to the riverbank.

I heard children's shouts of joy.

Stream 2

Riverside soaking pool

The other side of the Owyhee River was facing a rugged rock wall.

On this side of the bank, the soaking pool was surrounded by rocks in a fan shape.

The Pool 1

It was a very nice structure that could hold 50 people.

However, if the water rises, it could easily run off.

The Pool 2

It was a pity that there were empty cans and trashes scattered around.

Swimming 2

The water from the river was mixed in quite a bit.

The local kids were swimming around in it, causing it to be somewhat muddy.

The Pool 3

The temperature ranged from very hot to lukewarm depending on the point.

The maximum depth was around three feet.

Swimming 1

There are no clear rules, but if there are kids around you, please wear clothes.


Snively Hot Springs, Nyssa, Oregon, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 129 degrees F

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