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Riverbend Hot Springs (Truth or Consequences) - Hot Springs in New Mexico


Truth or Consequences is known as one of the largest spa towns in the southwestern United States.

Originally named Hot Springs, the city changed its name to this strange name, the title of a popular radio program.

Riverbend Hot Springs is one of the popular hot springs inns at Truth or Consequences.

Small private pools


Less than two hours drive north from El Paso, Texas.

The Rio Grande River 01

At the end of the road through the quiet spa town of Truth or Consequences, the Rio Grande was flowing.

Parking Lot 01

Riverbend Hot Springs was located along the river, and people were always coming and going, indicating its popularity.

Cabins 01

Walk-ins are welcome both for common pools (clothing required) and private pools (clothing optional).

Office 01

For private use, wait here after taking shower and changing clothes.

Waiting Space 01

There are seven private pools; four are Deluxe and three are Classic.

Entrance 02

This is one of the Deluxe Private Pools, Zuni.


The water temp is around 104 degrees F.

I do not like the texture of the fiberglass pools.


This is one of the Classic Private Pools, Rio.

The water is around 107 degrees F, and I like the atmospheric Classic Pools better.

Spacious common pools

Small Tub1

I believe the true enchantment of Riverbend is in the common pools.

Small Tub2

The soaking area gorgeously opens to the Rio Grande.

Common Pool

There are many tubs fed by different Water temp varies from 100 to 108 degrees F.

Riverside Pool1

Due to the accommodation, you do not have to share a small tub with strangers.

Riverside Pool1
Awesome view.
Really New Mexico-like scenery.

Behind the outdoor pools along the river, there is a relaxation space with hammocks, sun beds, and a sauna.


The hottest three pools are nicknamed The Hot Minnow Baths.

They tell an unique history of the inn.

Soaking 01

Until 1990, Riverbend was a riverside bait shop that was built over 70 years ago.

Hottest Tub

Though they have been reformatted and covered in stone, the three pools were once the original tanks that housed minnows and other live bait.

Gallons of water is provided to the pools, which proves the good quality of water at T or C.


Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Clothing required, Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 113 degrees F

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