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This hot spring had been privately owned by Donald Judd, a leading minimalist artist.

Here, you can stay in cabins with hot spring water.

Detour required

Chinati Hot Springs is located in a hard-to-reach area on the western edge of Texas, near the border with Mexico.

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The nearest large town is Marfa.

It is famous for its Chinati Foundation, a museum of contemporary art founded by Donald Judd.

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As the official website of the hot springs states, Google Maps cannot be relied upon at all here.

Pinto Canyon Road, the shortest route from Marfa, is a rough road that cannot be driven by ordinary passenger cars.

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Once south to the Presidio, return northwest along the Mexican border to the destinaition via Hot Springs Road in the desert.

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The land containing the geothermal springs used by the indigenous people was acquired by the settlers in 1898.

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In 1937, it was commercialized as Kingston Hot Springs.。

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From 1990 to 1997, it was owned by Donald Judd, who is considered one of the most revolutionary artists in postwar American art.

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After the current owners took over in 2005, it became an overnight facility that does not allow day use.

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There are no eating places in or around the facility, so you will have to bring your own food and cook it in the community kitchen.

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Fortunately, they had all kinds of cooking utensils and tableware.

Dining 01

The other half of the building was a common dining room.

These are cabins with hot tubs!

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The seven cabins all have a rustic atmosphere that did not seem to have changed a bit since the Kingston days.

Four of them, El Corazón, Número Uno, El Patrón, and El Presidente, have tubs with thermal water.

El Presidente 01

Incidentally, this is the bath house located behind El Presidente, right next to the hot well.

El Presidente 02

It looked like you could use it even if you were not a guest of the cabin.

El Presidente's private bath is separate from this one and is a similarly tiled indoor bath.

El Corazón 01

This is the inner bath attached to El Corazón.

There was one small cast-iron tub.

El Corazón 02

It was unfortunate that the amount of spring water put in was sometimes very low, perhaps due to clogged pipes.

Dos Amigos 01

This is the inside of Número Uno's cabin.

How many nights did you stay?
I forgot.
Número Uno 01

The tubs at Número Uno and El Patrón are similar in that they are both located outdoors.

Número Uno 02

Two-person sized metal tub.

Número Uno 04

Water at 102 degrees F was then vigorously poured into it.

I liked the simple, yet soft scent of sulfur.

Número Uno 03

The mornings and evenings in the desert are cold, so leaving the water free-flowing helped to keep the body warm.

Two outdoor pools

The cold pool is located at the highest point of the property.

Swimming Pool 01

It is only available during the summer months, so it was empty and under maintenance when I visited.

Swimming Pool 02

The circular hot pool is available 24 hours a day.

Outdoor Pool 04

 removed the plastic thermal cover that floated on the surface of the water and propped it up on a nearby picnic table.

Outdoor Pool 01

Since the water temp is not so high, I was glad to see this kind of device.

Outdoor Pool 03

Clothing is required in this pool

Outdoor Pool 02

Since walk-ins are not allowed, I was able to soak in a quiet environment.


Chinati Hot Springs, Presidio, Texas, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Room with thermal water, Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 102 degrees F

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