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The bathhouse had a row of private baths for one person.

And yet, it was separated between men and women.


Renovations will take place in 2021-2022 and may differ from the current appearance.

Historical value of the indoor baths

If you get off I- 25 at the Williamsburg exit and head toward Truth or Consequences, the first hot springs inn you will see can be Charles Hot Springs.

Exterior 01

This cozy motel, with a total of six rooms, was built in the late 1930s.

Exterior 03

By the way, there is a hiking trail in this spa town, called the Healing Waters Trail, which is 3 miles in total length.  

Signpost 01

The course is a walking tour of a number of historic hot springs inns, with Charles Hot Springs set as the starting point.

I think it is comparable in value to Arkansas' Bathhouse Row, but I have not seen anyone going around this trail.

Reference:Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa - Hot Springs in Arkansas

There is a spa town in the United States that had as many as eight public bathhouses. However, only two of them are still in operation. I traveled to Hot Springs, which symbolizes the glory of American hot springs culture ...

Exterior 04

Now, the interior of the Charles Hot Springs is beginning to be renovated, but the exterior, especially around the roof, remained old-fashioned.

Lobby 01

Reception desk with gift store.

Reasonable pricing for a walk-in was $9.00 (as of this writing) for one hour of indoor baths.

Corridor 03

The bathrooms were located on the back side of the building and were separated for men and women.

The men's baths were on the right side facing from the entrance, and the women's were on the left.

Exterior 02
The small windows are the bathroom.
Another geeky photo.
Corridor 02

There were five tubs for one person in the men's bath, lined up in a row, each in a private space partitioned off by a curtain.

Indoor Bath 06

The women's bath has four tubs as well.

In the end, I am not sure what the point was in separating the bathhouses into men's and women's, since it is necessary to wear clothes outside the private spaces.

Indoor Bath 05

Was that natural in the time when this bathhouse was built?

Or perhaps the partitions were an afterthought.

Indoor Bath 04

The tiled bathtub was quite old, which may be a disappointment if you don't know its value.

When the valve was turned on, the water, characteristic of Truth or Consequences, flowed out at a tremendous rate.

Indoor Bath 01

Outdoor baths that needs some work

For $15.00 per person or $25.00 per couple, you could also rent the rooftop outdoor bath.

Steps 01

After climbing the stairs visible on the side of the building, I found two tubs on the rooftop.

Outdoor Bath 04

Both were ready-made Jacuzzis.

Sunbeds were laid out to create a barely-there resort atmosphere, but the impression of a cluttered rooftop could not be dispelled.

Outdoor Bath 05

Above all, the lack of any sunshades made soaking during the daytime a painful experience.

Outdoor Bath 03

To make this outdoor baths a superior space to the historic bathhouse, a few more works will be needed.

Outdoor Bath 01


Charles Motel & Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 109 degrees F

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