Alkali Flat Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Nevada


The mining city was abandoned after the gold rush went by.

At the ruin of a spa resort nearby, thermal water is gushing.


In the deserted landscape, I was surprised finding the ruin of a gorgeous hotel.

Jasperdo - Goldfield, Nevada (2013)

Goldfield, with a resident population of less than 300 used to be the largest city in the State of Nevada, with over 20,000 residents.

It was one of the centers of the gold rush, which produced 30% of US golds in 1904.

As the boom ends with failing in price of golds, the city became a ghost town after massive fire.

Accessible ruins

It was 10 minutes’ drive on a paved road from Goldfield to find cows gathering around the water.

In this area salt lakes appear only in the wet season, but it did not seem the saline water.

Tracking the stream, I found a man-made pool.

In fact, this was the ruin of a spa resort operated at the peak of Goldfield.

The abandoned substation is the landmark.

Legally the area is private property, but the access and even a camping is not prohibited.

At the bottom of the mound, there are the sources of springs and tubs.

The circular pool is made of bricks.

The oval pool is made of mortar.

Cows were drinking the water in the distance.

Looking down the ground surface, I realized that the mound itself was the travertine generated by hot springs.

The brick tub for two people was fed by greenish opaque water.

There were two water outlets.

The pipe provided 118 degrees F water and the hose leaded 122 degrees F water, which were mixed in the tub.

This discharge outlet is extremely well-designed.
Are you sure?

Without adding cold water, it was best temperature for soaking.

I really enjoyed the concentrated mineral water rich in lithium.

The other mortar tub was more primitive.

The water spilled from the hose was flowing in on the ground.

The water discharge was from the edge of the tub, which kept algae and deposits in the tub.

It was apparently hotter than the brick tub.

The water looks rather transparent and was different quality of water.

I truly recommend this easy-to-access hot springs with great spectacle and two different sources of water.


Alkali Flat Hot Springs, Goldfield, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chlorination: No

Water temp: Up to 122 degrees F

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