Three Mile Hot Spring [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in Nevada


It is truly a wonder that a clouded white sulfur spring is gushing out by itself so close to the town.

Recommended for those who want to soak in the rich, thick water.


We have been informed that the property is privately owned and therefore unavailable. Please consider visiting based on the latest local information.

If you don't know, you can't get there

The city of Wells, located in the northeastern corner of Nevada, is known for its Twelve Mile Hot Springs.

ReferenceTwelve Mile Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in Nevada

One of the largest outdoor hot springs in Nevada was giant. It was an undeveloped hot spring, but the pool was the right temperature for everyone and could be recommended. If only it weren't for that tricky trail. Collapsed bridge ...


Located in the mountains exactly 12 miles from the city, the hot springs are usually crowded with campers.

Few people know that three miles closer to town, there is another hot spring called 3 Mile Hot Springs.

Muddy Road

After turning sharply right from the road leading to 12 Mile Hot Springs and following the dirt road for about a while, the road became muddy.

Tepid water was flowing from the grass on the left.

Stream 1

I parked the car in this area and walked for a few minutes to where the rocky slope was blackened.

Rocky Mountain 1

Mineral-rich water

Just below the cliff, a bluish milky pond came into view.

Rocky Mountain 2

The outlet of the pond water was caked with white precipitation.

The temperature of the running water was about 104 degrees F.

Stream 2

The creek I saw earlier seemed to start here.

Milky White 1

Observation of the long, narrow pool revealed that it was artificially dammed by placing a large rock in front of it.


Looking back in the direction from which I came, a snow-capped mountain range rose over the empty wilderness.

A tremendously photogenic landscape.

Mountains 1

Yet few people visit, probably because of its strong odor.

Sulfur smell from hot springs is generally recognized as a bad odor in the United States.

These algae, gross.
They're friends of hot springs.

The grotesque algae overgrowth in some parts might be one of the reasons for the lack of public acceptance.

The temperature in the vicinity of the gushing point was high enough to allow for comfortable soaking without algae growth.

Milky White 2

New hot water was gushing out of a crevice under the rock wall with such force that it was surging.

Water Outlet

The depth was about 3 feet.

When I settled my body completely between the rocks, the water temp was about 113 degrees F, and felt quite hot at times.


The water was so thick that it coated the skin.

Water Discharge

It was too unpopular to know if there were any rules regarding clothing.

As I looked around completely naked, without anyone's concern, I realized that I was in the midst of a picturesque landscape.

Mountains 2

Feels so good!!!

If I lived in Wells, I would go to this place every day.


Three Mile Hot Spring, Wells, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 104 degrees F

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