Turtle Back Mesa Bed & Breakfast (Desert Hot Springs) - Hot Springs in California


It was like coming to visit my grandfather's house.

It was a B&B to enjoy such an "extraordinary" experience.

Unique space

A 20-minute drive east from Desert Hot Springs, which is lined with hot spring hotels.

Turtle Back Mesa is located in the middle of the desert with nothing around it.

Entrance 01

It is a small B&B with only 3 rooms to stay.

The room I stayed in, Mesquite, shared a shower room with the room next door, Palo Verde.

Bedroom 01

There were doors on both walls of one shower room, so that one could go back and forth between the two guestrooms if they wanted to.

Very unique, but I thought some might be concerned about the security.

Pool 02

Started by Marlyn and Ernest Sussman, this B&B does not fit into the usual framework of an inn, partly because Marlin was an artist.

If you value personal space, this may not be the place to stay for you.

Pool 01

I felt a close proximity to the hosts as if I had come to visit my chatty grandparents.

I learned that Marlyn, who had spoken about her illness during this visit, has since passed away.

Pool 03

Today, Ernest continues to serve the same excellent French toast for breakfast.

Unforgettable and extraordinary

Soaking Area 02

Clothing was optional in the walled courtyard.

Garden 01
What's that protruding part?
Shower room.

The soaking area was located on the outside of the wall facing the wilderness.

Soaking Area 01

There was a pool that could fit about 10 soakers and a two-person-sized cylindrical tub.

As for the pool, the policy was not to fill it with water on days when there were few guests.

Soaking Area 02

I was led to the tub, so I removed the half-moon-shaped cover and began to soak.

Tub 03

The water was lukewarm.

I felt the water flow from the water outlet, but it appeared to be circulating to maintain the water temp.

Tub 01

It would have been nice to have had a little of the thermal water characteristic of the area, but it was difficult for me to find freshness in the water.

Although I was not personally satisfied with the water for its purpose, I enjoyed the memorable and extraordinary experience.

Tub 02


Turtle Back Mesa Bed & Breakfast, Desert Hot Springs, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 138 degrees F

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