Kyle Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in Nevada

Ruins of a hot spring resort with a spectacular 360-degree view.

The water was cloudy and the smell of eggs was noticeable.

Hot Springs are Art

Take I- 80 to Exit 149 and head south on State Route 400.

Turn left at the crossroads toward Unionville (on the right) and Kyle Hot Springs (on the left).

Gate 01

Unionville is a mining town where Mark Twain, best known as the author of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," lived for a time and is now a ghost town.

The dirt road was in good condition and could be driven by a regular passenger car as long as there was no rainfall.

Ruins 01

The area around Kyle Hot Springs is private property, and there was a gate at the entrance, but it was not locked.

Sources 03

Generally speaking, entry is permitted and even camping is not prohibited.

Use at your own risk and with respect.

Sources 01

The history of the site is not known for certain, and it is said to have been a popular resort during the Gold Rush period.

Sources 02

Well, there were sturdy, well-constructed remains scattered about, and it was no wonder that such a history existed.

Main Source 03

Several sources were found, but the main spring was reinforced with concrete and fenced off.

Main Source 02

The mysterious greenish water was bubbling due to hot spring gases and was accompanied by a strong sulfur smell.

White hot spring deposits could be seen everywhere.

Water Temp 01

The water temp was 144 degrees F, dangerously hot.

Main Source 04

Several pipes extended from this source.

Pipe 02

Piping installed above ground along the gentle slope.

Pipe 01

There were six tubs at the end, although water was not available at the time of my visit.

Tubs 01

They were all FRP tubs that could be found in ordinary homes.

Installation art, maybe.
Hot springs are art.
Tubs 03

Soak to feel the earth

There was a pool that could accommodate about six people, located even lower than the group of tubs.

Perspective 01

The structure was masonry reinforced with concrete.

The piping here was buried underground.

Rock Pool 01

Beside it, there was one more tub for household use.

Rock Pool and Tub 01

Both were ready for soaking with new hot water being put in.

Rock Pool and Tub 02

The tub quickly became too hot unless the hose was operated.

This was a real 360-degree view.

I had the feeling that I was soaking on the planet Earth.

Soaking 01


Kyle Hot Springs, Unionville, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 144 degrees F

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