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If you stick to what you believe, you will become an expert, while you may look eccentric from amateurs.

The boundary between the expert and eccentric is sometimes ambiguous.

Badwater Basin

The lowest elevation in North America is in Death Valley National Park, at 282 feet below sea level.

Badwater Basin

The desert on a dried-up salt lake is called as Badwater basin.

Here serves as a venue for Badwater Ultramarathon, an extremely grueling race whose value seems to be understandable only for eccentrics.

Participants have to complete the full distance, 135 miles in the extreme heat over 100 degrees F.

Private pools


It is 1.5 hours’ drive from Badwater to Tecopa.


The small village has several facilities providing hot springs, and Delight’s Hot Springs Resort is one of them.


The cabin looks rustic, and does not have bathrooms and showers in it.


Hot spring water is piped to four private pools outside cabins, and guests can access them for 24 hours without reservation.


However, the use of the water is not in a good condition.

Private pool1

Every tub is filled with chlorinated water, so that I was deeply disappointed in the swimming pools (in terms of the smell and looking).

Private pool2

I hate the idea of being exposed to disinfectant even in the secluded atmosphere.

Private pool3

Cattle trough pools

Make the most out of a bad situation.

At the backside of the motel, there is a tank of hot spring water in the RV space.

Hot Spring Tank

Turning on the faucet, fresh hot water appears, not chlorinated.

I conducted the smooth textured water through a heavy hose into the two cattle troughs.

Outdoor Tubs1

Due to the lack of drain pipes, I had to walk through the mud grabbing the muddy hose.

Nevertheless, holding myself deeply within the inclined tub, I really enjoyed the hot water of 109 degrees F.

Outdoor Tubs2
An eccentric man you are.


Delight's Hot Springs Resort, Tecopa, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Private pool, Clothing required

Chlorination: No (cattle trough), Yes (other)

Water temp: Up to 91 degrees F

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