Delight's Hot Springs Resort (Tecopa) - Hot Springs in California


A small desert empire of Tecopa Hot Springs.

It is one of the most realistic options for an overnight stay in the spa town.


The facility was renovated starting in 2020, so it may look different from what it looks like today.

A Legendary Story

Tecopa Hot Springs is located on the northern outskirts of the settlement of Tecopa, which originated as a mining town.

Entrance 01

At the further northern end of that hot springs area is Delight's Hot Springs.

With nearly 20 cabins or cottages, it is one of the largest spa hotels in the region.

Office 01

There is also an RV park with full hookups, and reservations are not required for that one.

It also has a restaurant with craft beer and BBQ.

Office 02

The founder of this "small desert empire" was a "cripple" with arthritis named Elias Delight.

Cabin 01

In the 1950s, after a month-long soak in the nearby Tecopa Mud Baths at the urging of a friend, Elias felt better and decided to build a spa resort in the area.

ReferenceTecopa Mud Baths - Hot Springs in California

As I was wandering in the desert, an old man in a bathrobe left me. Now it was time to start following him! At the bottom of an ancient lake The entire town of Tecopa was out of cell phone ...

Small Indoor Pool 01

However, the land was a homestead that could only be purchased with the Civil War Script.

Coincidentally, his grandfather served in the Civil War, and it is said that the resort's history began with $2,000.00 worth of Civil War Script displayed in his home.

Large Indoor Pool 03

It is only at Tecopa that such a legendary story is told truly.

Now, none of the cabins/cottages had thermal pools.

Large Indoor Pool 02

Hot water was available at four private pools on a first-come, first-served basis.

All were surrounded by walls on all sides and had no ceilings.

Large Indoor Pool 01

It was unfortunate to me that the water smelled of chemicals.

This is the only place in Tecopa that smells like chlorine.
I guess it's hygienic in a way.
Photo: Delight's Hot Springs Resort
Delight's Hot Springs Resort

In 2020, it underwent a major renovation, with four new hot tubs and one large pool.

Hot Water at the RV Park

Courtyard 01

I especially liked the hot water at the RV park.

Tanks 02

It appeared to be a facility for supplying geothermal water to RVs, with two adjacent tubs that could be fed by hot water at will.

Outdoor Pool 04

There was no drainage system and the surrounding ground was muddy.

Tanks 01

My hands got dirty manipulating that hose, but I was completely enchanted by the primitive and open atmosphere.

Outdoor Pool 03

The smell of chlorine could not be detected here.


Delight's Hot Springs Resort, Tecopa, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required, Private pool

Chemical use: Yes

Water temp: Up to 118 degrees F

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