Alameda's Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Montana

This is a spa motel built in the 1930s.

Each room is owned by a different owner, offering a variety of tastes.


The facility was renovated starting in 2022, so it may look different from what it looks like today.

Outdoor Pools Added

Hot Springs, a spa town on the Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana.

Street 01

Alameda's Hot Springs is a motel near Roses Plunge, a hot spring at the northern end of the settlement.

ReferenceRose's Plunge - Hot Springs in Montana

A hot spring attached to a seemingly abandoned community center. Excellent water was poured into the tranquility. Camas Recreation Center I came to Montana in search of a place named Hot Springs, entering the Flathead Indian Reservation, close to Glacier National Park, which borders Canada. The road was not even ...

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Covered in dense greenery, it had a remote appearance that could be mistaken for an ordinary house if one knew nothing about it.

Office 01

The small office was located on the east end of the property.

Cabins 01

Nearly 20 cabins or suites can be reserved online at the official website.

Glamping 01

They did not exist at the time of my visit, but it appears that four private outdoor pools and a sauna have been added in the vicinity of the "dome" during renovations.

The tubs are ready-made Jacuzzis.

Alameda's Hot Springs
Alameda’s Hot Springs

Overnight guests can use the private outdoor pools for one hour free of charge.

Wood Deck 01

The courtyard had a cozy-looking wooden deck and a peaceful view.

Building 01

The indoor rooms surrounding the courtyard were connected by a homelike hallway.

Corridor 01

Room #3

I was told by a staff that each room has a different owner and therefore a different taste.

Room #3 01

I chose Room #3.

It was a spacious suite consisting of a living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Room #3 03

The kitchen was equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and electric stove, and was suitable for long-term stays.

There were more than enough plates and utensils to go around.

Room #3 02

Now, the geothermal water was drawn to the bathroom in the guest room.

It was an ordinary looking bathroom consisting of a toilet and a jetted tub.

A little boring, isn't it?
Hot water will do it.
Bathroom 01

However, the 118 degrees F water poured here was the real thing.

It had a strong burnt sulfur smell and was tender to the touch.

Water Temp 01

There are some walk-in soaking facilities nearby, making it an ideal base for visiting various hot springs.

Bathroom 02


Alameda's Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Montana, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Room with thermal water, Private pool

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 118 degrees F

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