Kaiser Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.


This must be one of the craziest hot springs in the world.

On a dry wash, around the watering place of mustangs, the tub is full of cautionary statements.

Middle of Nowhere

Beside the U.S. Route 93 between Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, there is only the deserted landscape.

I was reluctant even to walk outside where was hotter than 100 degrees F in summer.

Cattle Guard

Crossing a cattle grid, I entered the dirt road down to the hot springs.

U.S. Route 93 1

The road conditions were bad, so I parked my car and followed the trail in the left side.

U.S. Route 93 2

I passed under the bridge of Route 93.

Hot and Stinking

Wash 1

I saw the road disappeared, and found a draw looking down from the cliff.

Carefully I climbed down the rock face, and walked around 1.5 miles on the wash.

Wash 2

It was a harder trail than expected.

Flash flood washed out the sand, which made it difficult to walk due to the soft surface.


It smelled like animals in the extremely hot wilderness.

There was a massive amount of dung everywhere.

I gradually understood that trailing the fecal remains made it easier to pass the rocky areas.

Hot Tub 1

As the smell became stronger, I finally found three mustangs.

Both of us got surprised; I stopped walking, and they escaped climbing up the cliff.

Hot Tub 2

The hot springs was located at the place.

Enter Here

Animals seemed to temple the land, full of new dung covered in flies.

The hot springs worked as the watering place of wildlife.

Stay off Wall

I found several cautionary statements around the man-made pool.


Please Do Not Plug Outlet



Water Outlet

It was just like a bathhouse fussy about manners.

The water outlet was above the surface, drilled on the rock face.

Soaking 1

The tasteless and odorless water was around 100 degrees F at the gushing point, and 93 degrees F in the pool.

It was waist-deep when sitting on the bottom, covered by moss.

Soaking 2

Still I was in the stinky smell and fighting with flies.

The crazy hot springs let me go of pressures and conflicts in the daily life.

Are you sure?
Maybe, maybe not.


Kaiser Hot Springs, Wikieup, Arizona, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 100 degrees F

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