Hotel Agua Blanca - Hot Springs in Mexico


It is about an hour’s drive from Mariposa Monarca Preservation to the superb hot spring resort.

There are must-see pools with beautiful gradation using thermal water rich in iron.

Hideaway resort hotel

I entered Jungapeo, a municipality beside the Mexican Federal Highway No. 15 Mexican between Morelia and Toluca.

The rural streets descend to a lower altitude around the Tuxpan River.


I felt relieved at finding the gate showing the name of the resort.


When reaching the entrance, several local boys run up to my car, helped to park, tried to wash the car, and brought baggage without permission.

I got exhausted with their vitality, and paid the tips, realizing that this might be the only place where they could get allowance.


The atmosphere inside Hotel Agua Blanca was, in contrast, calm and quiet.

Guest rooms were small, but decorated with folksy gadgets like Mariposa Monarca.

Guest Room

There are no outside restaurants nearby, so make a reservation when checking in for dinner and breakfast.


Usually I bring in food for saving money, but this time I had breakfast here.

It was an all-Mexican buffet.


Overall I satisfied with the taste considering the conditions of the site.

Gradation of thermal water

Hot spring pools were located only outside.

The color of water was impressively beautiful.


The water was only 90 degrees F at the source of the springs.

I visited here in December, and felt freezing after getting out of the water.

Water Outlet

There was a water outlet under the water surface, ejecting carbon-rich gas.


The pool nearest to the restaurant was breast-deep.

Warm Pools 1

Fresh water was provide only in the pool, which showed the greenish color of the water.

The pools were divided into six sections.

Warm Pools 2

The other five pools were fed by the water naturally flown from the first pool.

I found it to lose freshness due to the less circulation.

Is this safe?
Maybe, maybe not.
Water Discharge

However, I thought these pools were not always intended for soaking.

They created the romantic graduation, utilizing the oxidation reaction of the iron-rich mineral water.


Suspension Bridge

I enjoyed exploring in the large premises.

Drinkable Water

I found the place, probably for drinking the water.

When I picked this up and put it in my mouth, I found it to be slightly sweet.

Temazcal Outside

Temazcal was available for additional charge.

The one covered with black plastic was the historical steam bath, which origin was Pre-Columbian Mexico.

Temazcal Inside

The stone in the center was heated and gave off the steam from poured water.

The earthen furnace is considered the symbol of the womb; people can refresh themselves in body and spirit, and feel completely reborn.


There is a small zoo behind the Temazcal.

I saw ducks swimming in the springs water.

Traveline dome 1

At the river terrace of the Tuxpan River, I found another spring straight out of the ground.

It was located right under the travertine cliff made of the contained materials in the water.

Traveline dome 2

Indeed, the water was not hot, rather warm, but the hideaway resort was worthwhile to visit.


Hotel Agua Blanca, Jungapeo, Michoacán, Mexico

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Clothing required

Chlorination: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 90 degrees F


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