El Dorado Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Arizona


If you're looking for a hot spring in the Phoenix area, you can't miss this place.

You are guaranteed to enjoy the Arizona desert in the nude.

Clothing optional pool

I often visit this place because it is located in a good spot on I- 10, an hour's drive from Phoenix, on the way to L.A.

Entrance 01

The location is less than a minute from the highway exit, yet the funky atmosphere is unique.

Desert 01

It was like visiting a hippie commune in an oasis in the desert.

Office 01

The office was a sort of crude shack connected to an RV.

Office 02

The fee was an unbelievably low $10.00 per person per hour (as of this writing).

Clothing Optional Area 03

There was a clothing optional public pool, some private pools, an RV park, and lodges for rent.

Clothing Optional Area 01

The public pool was all outdoors, with rustic concrete pools and several clawfoot tubs.

Clothing Optional Area 02

Despite being located in the suburbs of a major city, the atmosphere was so open.

Private pools

For those who are shy, private pools are recommended.

The Corral 01

This is the one named The Corral.

Desert 02

All of the private pools are located outdoors, and although they are blindfolded by bushes and board fences, they are not completely separated.

Anyone can enter someone else's private space if they want to.

Desert View 02

In fact, there was a rare incident where the next guest came in by mistake while I was soaking.

Are you okay with that?
You have to have the guts to enjoy it.
Desert View 01

This is the one called Desert View.

Soaking 01

There was a ready-made tub beside the pool made by stone.

The Sunset Area 01

The Sunset Area, one of the private pools, was particularly open.

The Sunset Area 02

The private space was so large that it didn't need to be this big.

The Sunset Area 06

The water temp in the pool was about 100 degrees F, although at the gushing point the temperature was said to be 111 degrees F.

The Sunset Area 07

The lukewarm water was comfortable in Arizona during the summer heat waves, but when I visited in the winter, it was so cold that I had to shiver.

The Sunset Area 04

The clear, colorless, tasteless water was not that distinctive.

The Sunset Area 05

However, the amount of hot water was plentiful, and it feels good to have it free-flowing.

The best part was the view while soaking in the water.

The Sunset Area 03

It was a luxury to enjoy the desert landscape with no clothes on.


El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah, Arizona, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Private pool, Clothing optional

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 100 degrees F

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