Hot Well Dunes - Hot Springs in the U.S.


Near Interstate 10, between Tucson in Arizona and El Paso in Texas, there is a campground where ATV lovers gather.

A hot spring gushes there pumped up by energy from sunlight.

ATV Playground

It must be because I like to visit “strange” hot springs, but I am often surprised at how much roads in the US are not paved.

The pavement ratio is around 60% due to the large country.

The road conditions may be one of the reasons that people are crazy about possessing a pickup trucks as if it were the status symbol.


An ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) is popular as leisure probably due to the same reason.

Hot Well dunes Recreation Area is the camping ground where the owners like to gather.


The dried up ancient lake is the playground of camping ground.

There is a well that was created by an oil driller.

Rules and Regulations

The entry fee is only $3 per vehicle.

Depositing a few bank bills, let’s seek for hot springs.

Deposit Fee

Two Outdoor Pools

Regardless of the remote location, the facility is well maintained.

Two Tubs

There are two tubs fenced in the right and left side.

The source of the spring does not gush by itself, and is pumped up.

Solar Water Pump

In the machine house with a large solar panel, the lifting pump exists.

It is completely solar-powered.

Closer Tub1

You cannot dip in the hot water during the night.

The circular tub is for around six people.


Looks very clean...
Definitely worth the money.

The water is around 106 degrees F.

Nothing keeps Arizona’s sun out, so that the water temperature is enough for soaking.


Not chlorinated; no tap water added.

Overflowed water is absorbed in the dunes.

Farther Tub1

Move on to another outdoor tub.

It looks really similar to the other one.

Farther Tub2

Due to the farther location from the well, the water temperature is slightly lower.

In 1928, it is said that an oil driller found the hot water 1,600 feet deep in the ground.

Water Outlet

The water quality today does not show any characteristics that suggests the existence of oil.

It means the oil-drilling was completely a failure.

From the Tub

The failure around 100 years ago enables your peaceful soaking.


Hot Well Dunes, Safford, Arizona, U.S.


  • Style
    Walk-in / Lodging (campground)
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 106 degrees F

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