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Bathhouse operated by the village of Jemez Springs.

The source exposed on the side of it is also a must-see.

Unlimited access to the source

Jemez Springs, where a geyser is said to have suddenly sprung up around 1860.

Exterior 01

The bathhouse is one of the oldest surviving buildings and was constructed in the 1870s.

Exterior 03

It is even older than another bathhouse that remains in ruins on the nearby Jemez Hot Springs property, indicating that it was a separate facility.

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Outdoor soaking pools maximize the natural colors of the geothermal spring. Stay at one of our affiliated facilities and experience it at a discount. Hot Sulphur Spring Water Baths The spa facility was known as Giggling Hot Springs until 2018. It was renamed simply Jemez Hot Springs after the place. ...

Source 04

Check out the gazebo located a short distance north of the bathhouse.

Source 03

A hot spring pool once existed in this area, and a tent city surrounded it.

Source 01

The gazebo was a remnant, along with the bathhouse, and in the center was a hot water storage tank with the top half covered with wire mesh.

Source 03

Looking in through the gaps in the wire mesh, I saw that fresh water was pouring in, sometimes accompanied by bubbles.

It's kind of mystical.
It's great that you're free to observe.
Mineral Deposit 02

Some of the hot water drained directly out of the gazebo, forming a huge travertine dome.

Pipe 01

And most water was piped to the bathhouse.

Pipe 02

Another pipeline extended from the gazebo to the other side, where the ground was also brightly colored by mineral deposits.

Mineral Deposit 03

It is natural to assume that this is the source and that the water is stored in the gazebo, and then distributed to the bathhouse.

Water Temp 01

Hot water with a temperature of 177 degrees F.

Mineral Deposit 01

Other locations were also found to be dotted with precipitates.

Use of cooled geothermal water

Signboard 01

I entered the bathhouse through the entrance, where a handwritten water analysis form was posted.

Gift Shop 01

Inside was a gift store, where the reception desk was located.

Indoor Bath 02

The soaking area in the back had such a high quality atmosphere that it was hard to believe that it was a village-run facility.

Indoor Bath 01

It was equipped with all the necessary equipment, as it offers not only simple walk-ins, but also wrap and massage packages.

Private Tub 02

Bathrooms were separated by curtains, and clothing inside them was optional.

A concrete one-person tub was fitted.

Indoor Bath 02

Turning on the faucet on the side marked HOT, the hot water we saw at the source was poured directly.

In addition to the smell of rotten eggs, it smelled like something was burning.

Private Tub 01

The water coming out of the faucet on the side marked COLD was naturally cooled geothermal water.

The extraordinary attention to the water quality was evident.


Jemez Springs Bath House, Jemez Springs, New Mexico, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 171 degrees F

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