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Outdoor soaking pools maximize the natural colors of the geothermal spring.

Stay at one of our affiliated facilities and experience it at a discount.

Hot Sulphur Spring Water Baths

The spa facility was known as Giggling Hot Springs until 2018.

Entrance 01

It was renamed simply Jemez Hot Springs after the place.

Parking Lot 01

I turned off New Mexico State Highway 4, which runs through the spa town, and found ourselves in a parking lot.

Old Bathhouse 01

At the end of the parking lot, the remains of the old bathhouse made their presence felt.

It was still marked on the wall as Hot Sulphur Springs Water Baths.

Old Bathhouse 02

This bathhouse was built in 1895-96.

After it was destroyed in the flood of 1941, it has been left in this location without being particularly carefully preserved.

Magical colors

Entrance 02

Jemez Hot Springs' office was built cozily next to the old bathhouse.

In addition to walk-ins, visitors can stay overnight in one of the three cabins.

Entrance 03

In addition to the cabins, there are two nearby sister facilities, Laughing Lizard Inn and Cañon del Rio.

Guests staying at these places get $10.00 off the $25.00 per person per hour walk-in fee (as of this writing), so why not take advantage of it?

Poolside 02

Incidentally, it appears that the same management also operates the Carson Hot Springs Resort in Nevada.

ReferenceCarson Hot Springs Resort - Hot Springs in Nevada

This historic hot spring of Carson City, Nevada's capital, has hot water at 120 degrees F. The free-flowing outdoor pools and private baths of different styles are attractive. Outdoor pools The Carson Hot Springs Resort is located in a lonely ...

Floating 01

There were four hot pools, large and small, all outdoors.

Floating 03

Two large pools were located under fabric awnings.

The gradation is mysterious.
Poolside 01

Each pool had its organic shape.

Water Outlet 01

Noteworthy was its outer circumference.

It sloped smoothly.

Floating 02

Add to that the opaque water, the brightly colored pool bottom, and the strong New Mexico sunlight, all working together to create a beautiful color palette.

If this was the intent of the design, it was almost genius.

Water Outlet 02

The hot water that flowed out of the water outlets was finely controlled and repeatedly turned on and off.

The soaking experience was lighter than expected.

Riverside Pool 02

They do not have chlorination but do have ozone disinfection, which may have eliminated the mineral odor.

The water temp was also adjusted in advance to about 105 degrees F and put in.

Riverside Pool 01

Nevertheless, this magical color is worth experiencing once.


Jemez Hot Springs (Giggling Hot Springs), Jemez Springs, New Mexico, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected (sterilization by UV and ozone)

Water temp: Up to 105 degrees F

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