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Hoosier Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.


Truth or Consequences is always quiet.

One day I visited a new spa facility opened in 2017.

Historic Apartment

I was surprised to know that a new hot spring for walk-in opened in the tranquil Truth or Consequences.

Courtyard 04

I got surprised again to see the old buildings.

The Hoosier Apartment, constructed in 1937 had been spending the rest of life, and opened for walk-ins without being renovated.

The Building and the Fence

Hoosier is the official nickname for a resident of the State of Indiana, which originally means an unsophisticated person with no class or couth.Entrance 01

Taking a quick look at the history, Mr. and Mrs. Lotz emigrated from Indiana to Santa Fe in New Mexico.

As health-conscious people, they became interested in Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs nearby, and finally owned the apartment with hot springs water here in T or C.

Looking closely at the shabby buildings, it was gorgeously decorated.

Courtyard 01

Hot Springs in the State of Arkansas proves that a hot spring had been highly expected to perform advancement of health before the development of medical technology.

Courtyard 02

This apartment must have been for affluent people as well.

Outdoor Tub 1

They open only 1pm to 8:30.

The rate is just $5.00 for 30 minutes per couple.

Outdoor Tub 2

There are 4 baths for the private use; out of them 3 are outdoor tubs.

The outdoor tubs seem to be added recently.

Actually I do not like the plasticky Jacuzzi.

Atmospheric Indoor Bath

The other bath is inside the building.

Courtyard 03

The large room can be rent with just $5.00.

Bath House 01

They also offered free clean towels.

Indoor Bath 1

Is it a charity?
Amazingly inexpensive.

The tub against the walls is for about three people.

Indoor Bath 2

The pipe on the near side is the water outlet, which provides mineral water under the water surface.

The discharge outlet is against walls.

Indoor Bath 3

The water input was not so affluent.

It was around 108 degrees F, which I felt a little bit lukewarm.

From the Tub

On the other hand I enjoyed the historic atmosphere in the room.

It was really "hoosier" hot springs with the gently priced service.


Hoosier Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Private pool
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 108 degrees F

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