Remington Hot Springs - Hot Springs in California


It is less than an hour-drive from Bakersfield.

Due to its convenient location, this place is always crowded in weekends.

Practically free campground

When you have a chance to go to Bakersfield, the ninth-largest cities in California, I would recommend to go a little bit further to Remington Hot Springs.

The winding road in the mountain was paved to the parking lot entrance.

Empty Parking Lot

Actually this was my second time to come here.

Plenty Parking Lot

In summer, there were so many vehicles in the parking area at 6 am, even under COVID-19 pandemic!

Let me tell you advance; there are only four small pools here.


Pictures are in two different seasons, as I visited again in winter, overwhelmed by too many people in summer.

Officially there was a NO CAMPING / DAY USE ONLY sign, however I saw many campers actually.


As there was a porta potty and waste containers, primitive camping looked practically possible.

Such conditions seem to make this place very popular, in addition to free of charge and the convenient location.


It is only a 0.2-mile to hot springs from the parking lot.

The trail is well-maintained, but due to the fragile slope, you need attention.

Upper pool / mountain-view

Upper Pool 3

Right before getting to the Kern River, I found a small concrete-made tub in the left side.

The decorative stones were beautiful on the bottom.

Upper Pool 2

The custom is clothing optional.

Water in the tub was lukewarm, 82 degrees F.

Upper Pool 1

The waterflow was fine, so I realized that it was not hot from the source.

Lower pools / river-view

Next I saw troubled water of the Kern River.


The Kern is well known for its danger, and is sometimes referred to as the "killer Kern."

The number of deaths listed are over 300.

Riverside Pools 2

Remington Hot Springs is facing such dynamic spectacle.

The riverbank is firmly cemented.


Three tubs are embedded.

The source of the spring is on the bottom of the smallest rectangular tub.

Riverside Pools 1

The water outlet is established vertically.

water temp was 106 degrees F, good for long dipping.


Clear and colorless water was comfortable as the waterflow was sufficient.

Plenty Pool

Spilt water goes to the second tub located in upstream of the river.

Between the second tub and the third pool, there is a valve for adjustment.

Empty Pools

This system enables the third tub, which tends to be dirty to be cleaned efficiently.

Is that so great?
You don't understand well.

Personally I want this hot spring to be a fee-charging place and maintained by authorities to some extent.

It is natural for many people to gather at such wonderful place, isn't it?


Remington Hot Springs, Sequoia National Forest, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 106 degrees F

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