Grutas Tolantongo - Hot Springs in Mexico


Mexico, which belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire, is a country with abundant geothermal resources.

A shocking spot that symbolizes this.

A huge amount of warm water gushes out of a giant limestone cave, and there is a hot spring theme park surrounding the flowing water.

Mysterious waterfall

It takes three and a half hours to drive north from Mexico City.


There was a mysterious hot spring waterfall deep in the mountains that could best be described as unexplored.


Hot springs spouted from the limestone bedrock, and there were two limestone caves of different sizes behind the waterfall.


Warm water that flowed out from here became a river, and a vast theme park was formed around it.

The park was equipped with a full range of facilities, including hotels (reservations not accepted), campgrounds, and restaurants


Stunning limestone cave

To the left of the waterfall, there was a small cave a few dozen feet deep that I could explore inside.

Small Cave1

With no lights, warm water spouting from everywhere, and little visibility, it was dangerous.

Small Cave2

There was a large cave behind the waterfall basin, and inside was a huge pool with nature intact.


The water temp was lukewarm, about100 degrees F, but the entire cave was surrounded by warm air and felt like the right temperature.

Large Cave1

Other than being cloudy and white, the water was not very distinctive and was smooth to the touch.


The ceiling near the center of the cave supplied an enormous amount of thermal water.

Large Cave3
Is he washing his head?
I know how he feels.
Large Cave2

Underneath that waterfall, the Mexicans were enjoying an unparalleled experience.

Milky-white River1

It was like a spiritual discipline.

Slope 01

The thermal water overflowed and formed a river.

Hot springs river


The water temp of the river was just under 86 degrees F in the vicinity of the restaurants that served typical Mexican food.


It was quite tepid, but comfortable under the strong Mexican sunshine.

Milky-white River2

It is important to note the time of year when you should visit.

Milky-white River3

Be careful during the rainy season (June-September), as the area will be covered with sediment the day after it rains.

Scenic pools

Paraíso Escondido1

Near the hotel (Paraíso Escondido), located up the mountain slope away from the river, there were many outdoor pools with excellent views.


These were also available at no extra charge.


A unique hot spring theme park was here, combining the rich geothermal resources with the culture of Mexico, which did not prioritize safety and conservation too much.


Grutas Tolantongo, Cardonal, Hidalgo, Mexico

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 100 degrees F

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