La Gloria Tolantongo - Hot Springs in Mexico


Another choice at the secluded Tolantongo.

If you want to enjoy the soaking in a quiet environment, La Gloria Tolantongo is the place to go.


Santiago de Querétaro is the capital of Querétaro Province.

The elegant aqueduct, the symbol of the city, is 1,280 meters long and consists of 74 arches.


It is said that the Juan Antonio de Urrutia y Arana, a nobleman in the 18th century, had the aqueduct built concerning the aqueduct of Segovia in Spain.

Extra charge from here

A three-hour drive east of Querétaro is the Grutas Tolantongo, famous for its huge hot spring waterfalls and limestone caves.

ReferenceGrutas Tolantongo - Hot Springs in Mexico

Mexico, which belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire, is a country with abundant geothermal resources. A shocking spot that symbolizes this. A huge amount of warm water gushes out of a giant limestone cave, and there is a hot spring theme park surrounding the flowing water. Mysterious waterfall It ...


I will leave that introduction for another article.

It looked like I could cross the bridge from Grutas Tolantongo to somewhere else, but a man stopped me.


When I talked to him, he told me that from this point on, the fee is extra.

From there, the facility is  La Gloria Tolantongo, which is under different management.

Deep Pool

The regular admission fee is 120 Mexican pesos.

He said that if you go through Grutas Tolantongo, they will give a discount of 100 Mexican pesos.


After paying and moving on, many hot spring pools appeared on the slope along the river.

The pool, set up in a stair-like structure, was filled with hot water that had a bluish tinge like blue Curaçao.

That's a fancy analogy.
I tried to be cool.

If Grutas Tolantongo is for families, La Gloria Tolantongo is for adults.

Soaking 01

There were quiet and private-like hot spring pools all over the place.

The hot spring water cascading down was a truly natural presentation that I liked.

Forest 01

It had a hotel, campground, and restaurant.

In Meditation

As I climbed the mountain path, the trees grew thicker and the atmosphere became more like a secluded hot spring.

It was the best lukewarm water to heal the body after a long day of fun.


How many pools are there?

The largest and deepest pool is at the top.

Soaking 02

It was deep enough to soak up to my shoulders when I stood up.

It would be hard to come all the way deep into the mountains and not return home without seeing the spectacular Grutas Traolantongo.

From the Tub

But if you are fed up with a little too much noise, La Gloria Tolantongo is an additional spot to visit.


That one is a resort with a clear distinction and is worth the trouble of paying extra for.


La Gloria Tolantongo, Cardonal, Hidalgo, Mexico

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 100 degrees F

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