Shangri-La Spa (Ixtapan de la Sal) - Hot Springs in Mexico


Shangri-La Spa is the most luxury spa facility using the thermal water of Ixtapan de la Sal.

With a little modification, the Roman baths provides free-flowing water.

Hotel spa

When travelers think of lodging at Ixtapan de la Sal, the safest choice will be Marriott (Ixtapan de la Sal Marriott Hotel).

Information Board

The second option may be Hotel Ixtapan Spas & Resort.


Different from Marriott, the hotel has a spa using the characteristic mineral water.


The spa is located on the opposite side of the hotel across from another hot spring (Parque Acuático).

ReferenceParque Acuático (Ixtapan de la Sal) - Hot Springs in Mexico

For most Mexican people, a hot spring may mean a water park where the whole family can enjoy. Visit one of the largest water parks offering thermal water in Latin America. Bubbling indoor pool Ixtapan de la Sal is mostly ...

Why does it look so gorgeous?
I don't know.

Walk-ins are welcome in addition to various beauty salon treatments and bodyworks.


The rate for private pools, named Roman Baths (Tinas Romanas) is 550 pesos per 50-minute use of a room.

Considering the price level in Mexico, it seems extremely high.

Waiting area

20 private pools are located in the both side of the corridor.


Roman baths

Opening one of the doors, there is luxurious space.

Roman Bath1

In front of the soaking area, there are two massage tables.

Massage Bed1

The antiquity proves the history that started in 1955.


Looking back from the bathroom to massage tables.

Massage Bed2

The shallow tub is fed by yellowish water that is around 102 degrees F.

It has slight metallic smell, without being chlorinated.


I switched off the Jacuzzi by manipulating the lever on the wall, and realized that there was no water input.


In other words, filled water was just circulated in the tub.

There was a rest room over a left-side door in the room.


I opened the similar door in the right side, and knew it was a shed.


I took a look under the grubby hose, and finally found the valve for mineral spring water.


Opening the faucet, the water level began to come up.

It was truly free-flowing.

Roman Bath2

I began to feel the spa-like healing music noisy.

Switching it off, there was silence expect for sound of water overflowing.


I do not like the closed space without even a window, but appreciate free-flowing water with a little modification.

Roman Bath2

If I did not open the shed, my impression on Shangri-La Spa would be far more ordinary.


Shangri-La Spa, Ixtapan de la Sal, México, Mexico

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Private pool

Chlorination: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 102 degrees F

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