Baker (Abraham) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Utah


A wild hot spring that springs from a volcano in the wilderness.

The tubs, which are surprisingly elaborate, are not to be missed.

Fumarole Butte

Fumarole Butte is a volcano located north of Delta, Utah.

Because it is a shield volcano with a gentle slope, few people may notice its existence.

However, it is obvious when viewed on aerial photographs such as Google Maps.

This site was once at the bottom of Lake Bonneville and is believed to have erupted about 1 million years ago when the lake began to recede.

Mixing hot and cold water

Three Pools 02

Baker Hot Springs is a wild hot spring located at the eastern end of that lava field.

It was freely available, but for some reason magnificent concrete tubs had been installed. 

Three Pools 01

Access is on a dirt road, but it was well maintained, and any vehicle should be able to enter.

It is also possible to camp with your car next to the thermal springs.

Hottest Pool 02

The flow path was quite complicated.

The boiling water came from the grassy area.

Stream 01

It was poured into them in just the right amount, grazing the sides of the rectangular tubs.

Stream 02

Following the source of the water, I arrived at a reddish-brown source area.

Heat sources indicating volcanic activity a million years ago still remained here.

Source 02

The water was hot as 180 degrees F and the ground was muddy, so be careful.

Apparently, a trench had been artificially dug to make the water flow in the direction of the tubs.

Source 01
There are sources all over.
It's dangerous, so don't go deep.

The hot water that flowed in this way was too hot as it was, so the amount put into the tubs was adjusted with the towels.

I initially removed the towels thinking they were trash, but it got so hot that I could not soak, which was a huge mistake.

Soaking 01

It had a metallic smell and bubbled.

They have a high manganese content.

Hottest Pool 01

The three tubs in a row were set to a warmer temperature as one went downstream, and upon closer inspection, I found that cold water was being poured in a separate channel.

Three Pools 02

The groove and pipe of water intersect three-dimensionally.

I do not know who did the work, but it was astonishing that this was achieved using only natural elevation differences.

Water Outlet 01

Thanks to this craftsmanship, I was able to enjoy three patterns of temperatures, from extremely hot to lukewarm, making for a very satisfying soak.

Hot Pool 01


Baker (Abraham/Crater) Hot Springs, Delta, Utah, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped (camping allowed)

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water Temp: Up to 180 degrees F

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