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Roosevelt Baths & Spa (New York) – Hot Springs in the U.S.


Did you know that there are mineral springs in the State of New York?

The gushing water is cold, but is rich in contained materials such as carbon dioxide.

Soak in the historic bath house opened in 1935.

Drink! Drink! Drink!

It is three hours’ drive to north from Manhattan.

Saratoga Springs is famous for some aspects, such as a turning point of the American War of Independent, the thoroughbred horse racing, popular resort destination, and the creation of the potato chip.

Around High Rick Park

Old Red Spring

Old Red Spring

My purpose for coming to this city is to soak, of course.

There are two fountains to drink mineral springs water.

Governor Spring 1

Governor Spring (1)

Why do they have so many?

In the early 1900s, before the development of modern medicine, drinking mineral springs water was considered as good for health enhancement.

Governor Spring 2

Governor Spring (2)

Let’s start from the north of downtown, around High Rock Park.

Congress Park

Deer Park Spring

Deer Park Spring

Congress Park is located in the center of downtown.

Congress Spring 1

Congress Spring (1)

The park utilizes the empty lots in a bottling plant for springs water.

There used to be giant casinos and gorgeous hotels as well, which represented the prosperity of the city.

Congress Spring 2

Congress Spring (2)

It is interesting that even though they are located closely, different fountains have apparently different taste of water.

Columbian Spring

Columbian Spring

Some are rich in the metal, salt, or carbon dioxide.

Saratoga Spa State Park

The tastiest water would be at State Seal Spring.

State Seal Spring

State Seal Spring

The locals gather bringing their own plastic containers.

Hathorn Spring No.3

Hathorn Spring No.3

Water at Hathorn Spring No.3 would be the hardest one to drink.

I liked its striking bitter taste, though.

Hayes Well Spring

Hayes Well Spring

Saratoga Spa State Park in the south of downtown is a nice place to go around.

Island Spouter

Island Spouter

In addition to several fountains, there are a few geysers.

Island Spouter is one of the most popular tourist destinations, which is always active.

Orenda Spring

Orenda Spring

Soak in Bubbling Water

Do not forget to soak, although trying to visit all the mineral springs is a big job.


The name of Roosevelt Baths & Spa derives from Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the U.S.

Corridor 1

The majestic spa facility was built as one of the New Deal programs.

Entrance 1

Today the spa is operated under the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa.

Lobby 2

You need to make a reservation, which is available from the Official Website.

Lobby 1

Although they offer several plans including the massage, the simplest soaking is $35.00 per 20-minute. or $45.00 per 40-minute.

I do not believe it too expensive, considering the historical value.

Corridor 2

Do not skip drinking springs water at the faucet in the right side.

I’m full, though.
You look happy…

Corridor 3

There are 42 private pool rooms.


A massage bed is placed in the center of the room.

A bigger tub is fed by golden mineral springs water.


As same as other springs water in the city, the water temperature is only around 50 degrees F at the gushing point.

Soakers can mix it in the tub with heated one by boilers.


The cold water has strong carbon dioxide.

As the water outlet is at the bottom, it bubbles a lot like a Jacuzzi.


In fact, in 2007 the New York Post revealed that the spa had used tap water without explanation to guests for twenty years.

They admit a fault, so that now we can enjoy the powerful water as it is.



Roosevelt Baths & Spa, Saratoga Springs, New York, U.S.


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    Private pool
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    Heated spring water

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