Baños Termales de Ojocaliente - Hot Springs in Mexico


Staffs at the airport said hello to me in Japanese.

Aguascalientes is famous for Nissan’s one of most important manufacturing sites in Latin America.

There are hot springs as well.

Colorful Tiles

These days Nissan is making a sensation for the fraud and infighting; on the other hand it is true that Nissan has been the powerful driving force of Aguascalientes to become what it is today.


The city was established in 1575; as it is true to its name Aguas (=Water) Calientes (=Hot), there are hot springs.

Ojocaliente is one of the largest spa facilities.


It is fantastic to see such historic site operating the business.

All the pools are for the private use, but it is not necessary to make a reservation.


Against the background of rich amount of water, over 30 private pools are available.

The use is per hour with various price ranges from two persons to fifteen people.

Price List

I chose the cheapest (150 MXN) one, Tina.

I went to a bathroom of the same number as written on a stub.

Patio 1

Giving it to a staff, he turned on a faucet and started filling the tub with hot water.

Hey, did he jump in the tub with shoes on?

Number 7

The bathroom was small, but beautiful.

It was decorated with colorful tiles looks like Talavera pottery.

Indoor Bathroom 1

Even the edge of a mirror was in the same decoration.

Hot water gushed from the metallic faucet.

Water Outlet

The water did not have characteristics.

It was rather warm, around 104 degrees F; but was hot enough if providing the water all the time.

Water Discharge

The water discharge was done from the water surface, which enabled to continue pouring the water.

Variety of Bathrooms

Patio 2

I went around in the premises after enjoying the soak.

Patio 3

I found a nice terrace under the trees.

It might be a good idea to cool myself down here, but was rather interested in other bathrooms.

Many Bathrooms

After looking inside several rooms, I got surprised to know that the decollation and structure was different from each other.

Indoor Bathroom 2

This bigger room has a sweeping shape to the tub.

This interesting room looked like stairs.

Indoor Bathroom 3

The largest outdoor pool is also for the private use.

Outdoor Pool

I also discovered another large pool under construction.


The variety of bathrooms made the historic spa facility more attractive.


Baños Termales de Ojocaliente, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico


  • Style
  • Rule
    Private pool / Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 104 degrees F

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