World Famous Hot Pools (Lava Hot Springs) - Hot Springs in the U.S.


Hot water gushes straight out of the ground in the huge pools.

As it is named, World Famous Hot Pools is the fabulous for families and even hot springs enthusiasts.

Sunken Garden

Lava Hot Springs is one of popular vacation destination in the State of Idaho.

Exterior 1

It is not too much to say that World Famous Hot Pools is the heart of Lava Hot Springs.

The pool facility is located right next to the Portneuf River, where is a popular spot for tubing.

Exterior 2

Before entering, let’s take a look at Sunken Garden behind it.

Just go straight...
I save the best for last.

Lava Hot Springs

The garden in the valley has lots of volcanic products.

Stay on Pathway

The lava eruption is considered active approximately 27,000 years ago.

Sunken Garden 2

It is not so apart from the Yellowstone National Park, so that the heat source of geothermal water is considered as the same system of magma chamber.

Sunken Garden 1

It steams very well from the huge pools.

From the Garden 1

Let’s get soaked ASAP.

Straight out of Ground

In the 1890s, the U.S. government purchased the land from one of tribes of American Indians, the Shoshone-Bannock.


The pools were severely damaged by the flood in 1962, but have been always popular until now.

The buildings are renovated and look new.


This is one of the gender-separated changing rooms.

Clothing is required in all the area.

Changing Room

I found an interesting dewatering equipment.

I liked the structure easy to understand.


The second biggest pool is located close to the entrance.

The benches are placed at the curved side.

Large Pool 1

The water temperature is moderate, around 108 degrees F.

I got an impression of the water straight out of the ground.

Large Pool 2

In other words, the geothermal water is upwelling being naturally pressured from the gravel bottom.

105 F Pool

In the west side, there are two Jacuzzi pools.

103 Pool

In the westmost point, the water temperature of the pool is rather warm.

Red Roof

There is no bad smell of chlorine.

The large roofs are helpful for covering up in the sun.

Source of the Springs

I found a small cave under the cliff near the changing rooms.

I observed underground water that is geothermally heated as well.

112 F Pool 2

In the eastmost point, there is the largest pool that I saw from Sunken Garden.

112 F Pool 1

This long pool is one of the oldest one, is maintained at 111 degrees F.

The bottom is partly surprisingly hot, due to the bubbling water straight out of the ground.


The water is odorless and crystal clear, which may well be World Famous.


World Famous Hot Pools, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 111 degrees F

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