Meadow Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in Utah


Scuba diving is possible in the middle of a ranch where cows come and go.

The clear water was an authentic geothermal spring.

East Pool

If you are traveling between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City on I- 15, stop at Meadow Hot Springs near the middle.

After passing through the settlement of Meadow, take the dirt road west and cross the highway over the overpass, and you will find that ranch.

Dirt Road 02

This is private property, but is open to the public through the good will of the owner.

Camping is also possible.

Dirt Road 01

Instead, you need to be sensible.

Clothing is required; trash should be taken home.

Ranch 03

You can drive freely in the ranch and park your car right next to the springs, but it is not recommended due to the muddy road.

It is safer to use the parking space near the ranch entrance.

Hot Pool 03

There are a total of three pools, scattered in an equilateral triangle.

Each is about 700 feet away from the other and almost invisible, so be sure you do not accidentally forget to visit any of them.

Hot Pool 02

The East Pool, closest to the entrance, had the highest water temp, measured at 97 degrees F.

This pool is usually crowded with many soakers on weekends.

Hot Pool 01

The water was tasteless and odorless.

South Pool

Not many visitors seemed to venture as far as the South Pool.

Ranch 01

The water is always clear due to fewer soakers.

The water temp was a lukewarm 86 degrees F.

Medium Pool 03

The distinctive shape of the pool was like two pools joined together.

Near the water's surface, the ground was overhanging like a table.

Medium Pool 01

How did a pool 27 feet deep, deep enough for even scuba diving, suddenly appear on a muddy ranch?

It is thought to be due to ancient volcanic activity.

Medium Pool 02

A 30-minute drive from Meadow Hot Springs, there remains a lava cave called Tabernacle Hill (Meadow Lava Tube).

This indicates that there was volcanic activity in the area about 10,000 to 24,000 years ago, when Lake Bonneville was receding.

Soaking 02

If the magma from that time still warms the groundwater slightly, it makes soaking in this place seem even more special.

Soaking 01

West Pool

It would be better to think of the West Pool only as something to be seen and enjoyed.

Ranch 02

With livestock grazing in proximity, it was not surprising to find manure in the water.

I don't want to go in.
Use of wild hot springs is at your own risk.
Tepid Pool 01

The water temp was a measured 75 degrees F.

Tepid Pool 05

It was not as clear as it had been in the two earlier pools, but instead was inhabited by many fish.

Fish 01

Once you are satisfied with these three pools with plenty of attractions, there will be a box on the way back to collect donations, so you can support the owner.

Tepid Pool 02


Meadow Hot Springs, Meadow, Utah, U.S.

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Type: Undeveloped (donation basis)

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 97 degrees F

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