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Paso Robles was originally famous for its hot springs.

Even as the town grows and becomes more beautiful, I hope that Franklin Hot Springs will continue on its own path.

Unique values

The Spanish settled in what is now Paso Robles in the 1700s, where the Native American Salinan tribe lived and enjoyed the geothermal water.

Entrance 01

In contrast, the history of Franklin Hot Springs in the suburbs is relatively young, dating back to the 1950s, when oil drilling was attempted on farmland owned by the Franklin family.

In the end, no oil was found, and thermal water sprang up instead.

Reception 01

The family continues to operate the business to this day.

A short distance down a dirt road past a faded sign was a handmade hut.

Reception 02

It is essentially a walk-in pool, but also has a simple campground and RV park.

The cluttered reception area even had the feel of a farm shed.

Reception 03

Passing through it, e found a huge pool filled with dark green water.

The water temp was lukewarm, about 97 degrees F.

Large Pool 01

Located near the reception desk are separate changing rooms and restrooms for men and women.

It was not in that clean of a condition.

Large Pool 02

When I went to the other side of the pool, warm water was draining from the pool.

It was drained directly into a pond, and the pond was used for fishing.

Water Discharge 01

Returning to the changing room side, I found a tub under the sunshade.

It was an interesting structure with a tub inside the pool.

Tub in Pool 02

And the eye-catching feature was the distinctive water outlet.

Tub in Pool 01

Organic design with the thermal water being violently fed through eight pipes.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is bizarre.

Water Outlet 01

Some soakers were enjoying the massaging effect of the water on their shoulders.

The pool in this area had a reasonable depth.

Water Outlet 03

When approaching the other side, it was so deep that even adults could not get their feet on the bottom.

Clay was deposited at the bottom of the pool, and some were applying this to their faces and bodies.

Water Outlet 02
I wonder if it's hygienic.
This isn't the place to worry about that.

Paso Robles was famous for its mud baths in the old days, so this can be a venerable soaking method.

Excellent water in a small tub

I found a two-person sized circular tub in the grass facing the fishing pond.

Small Tub 01

It was made of concrete and sturdy.

I liked this tub so much that I ended up spending the majority of my time here.

Soaking 01

Because the amount of water input was large compared to its size, it maintained a warmer temperature of approximately 100 degrees F.

The water was fresh, and the bubbles could be felt.

Soaking 02

The water was powerful, with a rotten egg smell as well as the smell of oil.


Franklin Hot Springs, Paso Robles, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging (campground)

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 100 degrees F

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